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They'll grow around the middle. Not like a human pregnancy with a bump in the stomach (although the pregnancy will show here at first) but all around; their hips and stomach both will look very bloated and if you touch it GENTLY will feel somewhat firm and bumpy.

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โˆ™ 2010-01-05 14:46:09
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Q: What do pregnant hamsters look like?
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What does the pink sack that pregnant hamsters have look like?

The pink sack is called the placenta.

What does an adult hamsters look like?

regular hamsters

Can female hamsters be pregnant without a male?

No. Hamsters, like all mammals, require sexual reproduction in order to get pregnant.

How do dwarf hamsters act when they are pregnant?

they will nip a lot and will be tired but they wont look pregnant though

In the game look for hamsters which places are the hamsters?

I don't know but i want to know what the game, look for hamsters is and what its like!

What do old hamster look like?

old hamsters just look like crippled hamsters which look grumpy (they r not really) and like "who r u"

Do hamsters throw up when they are pregnant?

No hamsters do not throw up when they are pregnant.

Do hamsters get pregnant by kissing?

No, hamsters reproduce through sexual means just like other mammals.

What do hamsters look like when they are half asleep?

the look cool and look like they are crying

Do hamsters have to mate to be pregnant?

Yes, hamsters get pregnant through sexual reproduction.

How long do hamsters have to be pregnant?

Hamsters are pregnant for around 15-18 days.

How does a hamsters young look like?


What does the hamsters eye look like?


What will a hamster look like when she is pregnant?

the hamsters stomach will get really hard, it will start to grow, and will try to find extra bedding for its new babies

How are bears and hamsters related?

a hamster is just like a bear, its just smaller, hamsters are originally from the wild just like bears, they even have hamsters that are called teddy bear hamsters and black bear hamsters, so when you go to a pet store look really close at a hamster then think of a bear and realize that they do look alike. hamsters have tails like bears and look like bears but they're just smaller. bears are like hamsters cousins and hamsters are like bears cousins. hope this helped!

How long are Russian hamsters pregnant for?

Most hamsters are pregnant for 16-18 days.

Do hamsters have tails?

yes, hamsters do have tails but they usually look like little stubs.

What hamsters look like?

they are like mouse but some, like the siberian, are fluffier and no hamsters have long tails. they are REALLY cute

What do hamsters normally act like when pregnant?

xsxre fdgyfrt cdfd fftfftft

How much do pregnant hamsters cost at petsmart?

petsmart doesnt sell pregnant hamsters

When will the baby hamsters look like hamsters?

they should start to look like hamsters after 11-12 days (some take longer/shorter than others) hope this helped! xoxo iluvedwardcullen16

How many weeks are hamsters pregnant for?

That really depends on the type of hamster. Syrian hamsters (common hamsters) are pregnant for between 16 and 18 days. Dwarf hamsters are pregnant for between 18 and 21 days.

Can Hamsters Get Pregnant on their own?


How do you know if your dwarf hamster is pregnat?

Well, its just like seeing about the bigger hamsters. All you have to do is look at it everyday and see if there is a change in the belly and if it is in a cage wither dwarf hamsters it has a goo d chance of being pregnant.

Do hamsters have lumps when their pregnant?

Does a hamster have lumps when pregnant