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Protestants are Christians.

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Q: What do protestants believe that Christians don't?
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Do Protestants believe that Jesus was the son of God?

Yes, protestants believe Jesus is the son of God. Protestants are Christians and all Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah.

Are Christians and Protestants the same?

No. Some Christians are Protestants but not all. Catholics for example state that they are Christians but they are not Protestants.

Why can it help christians to ask the saints to pray to almighty god?

Only Catholic Christians pray to saints. Protestants Christians do not. We [Protestants] believe they were disciples/apostles of Jesus, but we don't ask the them to pray for us.

Do Catholics believe that Jesus was crucified?

All Christians (Catholics, Protestants, etc.) believe that Jesus was crucified. It is core to the Christian faith.

What are some ways Catholics disagree with Christians?

Well Catholics are Christians. Some ways they disagree with Protestants are: 1.Catholics believe you get to heaven by baptism plus faith plus works. Protestants believe you get to heaven by faith alone. 2.Catholics believe Communion is really Jesus. Protestants believe Communion is just a memorial of Jesus. However there are some Protestants that believe Communion almost like the Catholics. Lutherans for example. 3.Catholics honor saints. Protestants do not. These are some differeces. If you want to know mor but this in the address box.

What is the name of the protestants god?

Jehova, Alpha and Omega, I Am etc. all the same names that Christians believe in.

Who are protestants?

A branch of Christians.

What does Protestant believe?

Protestants do not believe in the pope or they do not believe in saints either.They only believe in Jesus Christ and god. Protestants DO believe in saints, and in essence, all Christians are saints. However, Protestants do not pray to saints and believe that they should intercede on their behalf. They pray to Jesus Christ (God) only!! Likewise they do not pray to Mary, Jesus' mother. She is not devinity.

Most christians in the UK are?

Anglican Protestants, with a minority of other Protestants, Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians.

You think that protestantism should not be classified as Christian because if they belief some different things than Christians do they should come up with their total own religion?

Protestants are Christian. They believe in Christ the same as Catholics do. Protestants may have some different beliefs but they believe that Jesus is the saviour of the world and that he died and rose from the dead. Christians are people who believe in Christ, therefore Protestants are Christian.

Do the Judeo-christians believe in god and Jesus as holy persons?

no , they dont belive

What is the only Christian nation in the Middle East?

I believe it is Lebanon .Home to Maronite Christians , many Catholic Orthodox sects and some Protestants.

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