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Q: What do puritans do in a common?
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A common nickname for the Puritans was?


What did the puritans and the hugenots have in common?

They were professional artisans

Which of the 13 colonies did the puritans inhabit?

The Puritans were more common in the North Colonies, I believe.

What does Columbus and the Puritans have in common?

They were both evangelists and explorers

What are some misconceptions about Common?

Puritans rarely had arranged weddings

What are some common misconceptions about Puritans?

That they were freedom-loving and tolerant. In fact, they were austere, closed-minded, and rigid.

Compare and contrast the beliefs in actions of the Puritans and Quakers?

Quakers and Puritans had very little in common in their beliefs. True both left England for religious freedoms. But aside from this, Quakers and Puritans had little in common. Puritans condemned Quakers in fact, persecuting them just as much as one of their "witches." Even though both are Protestant groups, one could say that the Puritans had more in common with radical Catholics than with other Protestants. Below is link to a chart of the two groups and the beliefs back to back. Hope it helps.

What did Quakers and puritans have in common?

they were both here in America for religious reasons and rights

What did the Mayflower Compact and the Fundamental Orders Of Connecticut in common?

they both are used by the puritans in Massachusetts.

What did the mayflower compact and fundamental orders of Connecticut have in common?

they both are used by the puritans in Massachusetts.

What does the pilgrims and the Puritans have in common?

they both lived in friendlys

What is something that the Natives Puritans and Pilgrims all have in common?

they all wanted freedom of religion and wrote the Mayflower compact