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rhino's wear dresses because Sunday is a girls night out and also a commen day to go out with a guy!

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Q: What do rhinoserus's wear on Sunday?
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What are Sunday hats?

Sunday hats are hats that you wear on Sunday mostly to mass.

Do you wear white on Palm Sunday?

You may wear white on Palm Sunday, your certainly would if you are being baptized on that day. In the past, one was not supposed to wear white before Easter Sunday.

Can you wear red on palm Sunday?

Yes definetly you can.Yes you can. You can wear any colour on Palm Sunday. Other than celebrants at Palm Sunday ceremonies, there are no rules for colours to be worn by people on Palm Sunday.

Do you wear red to church on Palm Sunday?

Yes. Red or purple are appropriate for Palm Sunday.

Its a cold sunday weather so wear your comfortable clothes is a correct grammar?

The sentence,'Its a cold sunday weather so wear your comfortable clothes' is not correct grammatically and should be rewritten to be 'It's a cold Sunday; so wear your comfortable clothes'.

What color robe does the priest wear on Passion Sunday?

Red vestments are worn on Passion (Palm) Sunday.

Why do you wear Sunday's best?

Because church is on a Sunday, and people want to look nice for church.

Why did the priest wear rose vestments on fourth Sunday of Lent?

Catholic AnswerPriests may wear rose colored vestments on the third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) and on the fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday). The liturgy of these Sundays is joyful, and thus the somber Violet of the season is relieved with the color, rose.

What do children wear on white Sunday?

On White Sunday, children wear white clothes and often go to church in the morning in these clothes. The white signifies Childhood and Purity that the child holds as White Sunday is celebrated in their honour

What do Samoan wear on white Sunday?

Predominantly white

Can you wear White pants on Easter Sunday?


Do people wear purple on Easter Sunday?