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Q: What do satellite images show and why is this information important?
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What do satellite images show?

A satellite map shows if its gonna rain or something like that

How can you find live satellite images in Google Earth?

To find google earth images, you need to go to google first and click on the satellite tab that will show you the views from a satellite rather than the street view or the walking view.

What is the type of weather data is collected with a satellite weather imagery?

Meteorologic images too show weather in the future.

What are all use for the satellite dish?

to take images of the earth and send it to google earth to show us t.v shows

How can you enlarge the image of your house on Google Earth so you can see your parents there?

Sorry, but satellite images can't show that level of detail!

What is the most important things in documentary?

the most important things in documentary is: images: Because images show altos of words to know what is about.. shorts, voice-over, statistics, interviews, videos, quotes, information, music, sound, happening, impact, facts, techniques... etc.............

How are satellite images different from other maps?

Maps may be drawn to scale or not to show more or less detail as needed. Satellite images on the other hand are actual photographs of what the ground and landscape are at a particular time. Both have many uses and tools like Google Maps allow you to switch from a map/street view to a satellite view with a click of the mouse.

What is a weather satellite?

A weather satellite is used tell the weather and tempreacher of earthA weather satellite is a image receptor in space that can detect changes in weather and will then send those images down and will preject them onto a computer screen and then will show up on your magic box

How does a Landsat satellite differentiate between objects on Earth's surface?

Features on Earth radiate warmth at different frequencies, which show up as different colors on Landsat images.

How can you tell a hurricane is spinning from a satellite image?

The spiral bands of a hurricane strongly indicate rotation. Also, stringing together multiple satellite images taken one after another can produce a sort of animation that shows how a storm moces and chances. These show obvious rotation in hurricanes.

Which website can show me a good map of Austin, Texas?

There are several maps of Austin, Texas available online and many of them are free. I would suggest using MapQuest for driving directions and satellite images.

How can you get search engines such as Google to show you only copyright free information and images?

You can filter image rights on the advanced search section in images. The link is down in the related links section.