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Q: What do satellites detect to get data?
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What technologies are used to detect typhoons?


Do satellites give out X-rays?

No, but some can detect them

Can satellites detect stealth planes?

Yes satellites have the ability to detect stealth planes. Stealth technology was likely invented in Germany during World War II.

What information do satellites collect?

Satellites collect lots of information that we use everyday. Some examples are the weather, pictures of other planets or star's, the geographical location of objects (such as a car used for GPS), and the effect of global warming and pollution.

Data is sent to earth from satellites using what type of numbers?

Data is sent to earth from satellites using TIROS. This is data given from the ground.

Is there an instrument to detect a cyclone?

Cyclones can easily be tracked using satellites.

What kind of satellites collect data about a strip of Earth's surface?

Mapping satellites.

Are satellite images based on data obtained by land sat satellites?

Yes, satellite images based on data obtained by land sat satellites.

Spatial data technology is used by ICANN to store data from satellites and Earth stations?


Why do geographers rely on satellites to gather geographic data?

Geographers rely on satellites to gather data because it is the easiest method. In the past, they would have had to traverse the earth to map all of it.

Data gathered from satellites are sent to where on earth?

receiving stations

Why are satellites important to Earth?

Perhaps one of the most important and controversial uses of satellites today is that of monitoring the Earth's environment. Many satellites study features on the ground, the behavior of the oceans, or the characteristics of the atmosphere. Satellites that observe the Earth to collect scientific data are usually referred to as "Earth observation satellites." Sometimes the interpretation of their data has been controversial because the interpretation is difficult and people have used the data to call for substantial changes in human behavior.