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Q: What do scientist discover information about earth's past?
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How do scientist discover information about the earth's past?

using lots and lots of testing to prove facts about the earth's past.

Why scientist is important?

to discover new things or things from the past

What processes do scientist infer to have shaped earths surface in the past?

The shifting of Tectonic Plates.

How do scientist's discover information about the earth's past?

This happens through site investigations. The course of study the deals with the study of ancient human history and earth remains is call archaeology.

Is discover a past tense verb?

No...The past tense of discover is discovered.

What is the name of the movie where a woman could speak multiple and tribal and native languages back in the past that a doctor or scientist is trying to discover?

I think it is sackaguwea

How do scientist predict which genes an organism will inherit?

The scientist will produce a pedigree from information about the members of past and present generations, and will use that information to predict the probability that an offspring will inherit a specific (usually undesirable) trait.

Can you find out about earths past or predict its future?

Yes, Critical evaluation of the historical data collected by scientist and other experts can help us predict the future of our planet

What is the past form of discover?

Discovered is the past participle form of discover.----------------------------------------------------See Related questions below.

What is the past participle of discover?

The past participle is discovered.

What is the simple past of discover?


What part of speech is discover?

Discovered is a verb. It's the past tense of discover.