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they see if it supported their hypothesis

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Q: What do scientist do after they analyze results of experiments?
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What do scientist use tools to do?

Make stuff for experiments, do experiments and analyse the results of experiments.

When scientist analyze the result of their experiments they?

They see if the results are what they expected them to be. If they were not, they try again. If they did, they then ask other scientists if they also got the same results. They do this part by publishing the experiment and results in a scientific journal and as for comments.

Why do scientist do experiments over?

Scientists repeat experiments to test whether results are consistent and reliable.

A scientist does an experiment The results of the experiment disagree with a major scientific theory What should the scientist do?

Analyze the experiment to decide whether the results were flawed.

Why does a scientist use a spreadsheet?

To keep track of progress/results of experiments.

What are 3 ways scientist communicate their ideas?

experiments,tests,and results

What do scientist write after their experiments and results?

They write their conclusion and what they learned from the experiment.

How do scientist try to remain objective during experiment?

Answer is : "they analyze all results" Scientists remain objective by not influencing the results of the experiments outside of the established parameters. That means they will not reach in and interfere with the experiment. Also, when they analyze results they attempt to record what actually happened rather than change it slightly to fit what they wanted to see happen.

How do scientist usually design experiments?

with a good idea of the expected experimental results.

What should a scientist do after he or she experiments?

Record the data and form a conclusion based on the results.

Why do scientist analyze result of experiments?

The results of an experiment are simply the raw data that the experiment produces. This raw data doesn't provide any indication of what the results actually mean. Thus analyzing the results gives us insight into what the raw data are telling us.

What are some of the steps scientist take to perform experiments?

1. ask questions, 2. make observations, 3. form a hypothesis, 4. test the hypothesis, 5. analyze results, 6. draw a conclusion, 7. communicate results.

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