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mostly they do for fun is play soccer but the funniest one is when they see a dog,they do is pick a rock an throw at them. they also blow their tiny pps

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Are somali Arabs?

No, Somali people are not Arabs. Somali people live in the Horn of Africa. As of 2013, there are an estimated 15-17 million Somali people in the world.

Are Somalia people all black?

The term is Somali, not Somalia. People from the country Somalia are called Somali.People from Somalia are Somali, there's no such thing as ''Black'', ''Black'' is a term made up by the media.

Is khalii half somalil?

i thing his somali because some people say that his somali

Where do the majority of people live in Somalia?

Somali people

What proportion of Somalian people speak Somali?

Somali language is spoken throughout Somalia and neighboring Somali states, including Djibouti, as well as parts of Northern Kenya and Eastern Ethiopia. Simply put, entire population of Somali speak Somali language. Somalia is the only country in the African continent whereby a single language is spoken throughout the country.

Why did Italy want somaliland?

it wants to divide the somali people, because they are theri enemy it wants to divide the somali people, because they are theri enemy

What does the somali's flag mean?

Blue means bright sky ,star means 5 regions of somali ,somali ogadenia,Djbouti,Somaliland,white means people who fought somali indepenct.

What do somalian people eat?

somali people eat mazaqa, rica, and canjeela.

Who is somali people?

the word somali is a name that standes for a people. A people that have a lot of things in commen they share the same religion ((islam)) , the same culture((dhaqan mid ah)) and even speak the same languages(( af soomali)) and this people dont live in somali only but also they live in differen places arround the world !!!!!!

How do you say Somali questions in somali?

"Su'aalo Soomaali ah"{somali questions]

What do the pirates in Somali do?

They kidnap people and hold them for ransom or kill them

Where did somali people come from?

They have come from Allah, where else, LOL!

Does somali people have nice hair?

you can not generalize it like that all people are different i have seen Somali people with really soft curls and i have seen Somalia with nappy afro hair.... and it depends on the person u are talking about

How many people died in Somalia?

1,205 people died in somali because of the war

How do most somali people come to live in US - Are most somali abroad living abroad as refugees from violence?

you just love somalis !

What is the capital of somali?

The capital of Somali is Mogadishu.

How many people speak Somali?

i think 12 milion or les then.

Is najah wiki a somali girl?

Najah Wakil is half-Somali, and half-Portorican her father is Somali.

Explain the originculture and the possible ancestors of the somali community?

Somalis inhabitated the Horn of Africa for nearly a millenia. Their is actually no ancestors for the Somali people. They could be the first humans.

Do somali people have nice hair?

Sure. The matter here is that there are many different varieties of hair a somali person can have, just like everyone else.Some have kinky hair, some have curly hair, some have straight (yes, straight!), and some have soft curly hair.Somali people are just like you and me.

What are good thing about Somalia?

I can't contain the good things that Somali has but infact Somali people are good thought these years some how accured change to them but the reality they are very good people. Actually Somali when it took its independence it tried to search those other countries who didn't have still get their independence such as South African, Uganda and manay other countries in African. I hope Somali that oneday Somalia will be as it was before.

Does answerscom allow Somali in the answers?

haa Answers u ogolaataa Somali (Yes, Answers allows Somali)

How did the people in the civil war survive?

the somali people survived by sticking to their families and eating lots of food

Where can you learn how to speak somali?

On the internet,at home or at a somali school!

How do you say mum in Somali?

English - Somali Mum - Hooyo