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Q: What do some stimuli trigger in the pop-out phenomenon?
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What is auditory stimuli?

Sensory stimuli are items or occasions that trigger some sort of response by the senses. Examples include lights, sounds and smells.

What are sloths stimuli?

What are some of the stimuli that sloths have?

How do you loosen a paint ball gun trigger?

On some guns you can change out the trigger springs, others you may have to buy a new trigger or trigger assembly.

What is a response to a stimuli?

some mammals run or hide away

What are synonyms for phenomenon?

Some synonyms for the word phenomenon would be: anomaly, miracle, paradox, curiosity.

What is perceptual defense?

perceptual defence: A term used to refer to the fact that the perception of some stimuli requires a longer exposure than perception of other stimuli. In other words, the thresholds for recognition of certain stimuli are higher than the thresholds of recognition for other stimuli. perceptual defence: Refers to motivational factors that inhibit perception of potentially threatening stimuli. Research in the 1950s gathered evidence for the effects of motivation on perception of subliminal stimuli

What are some stimuli living things respond to?

water or food levels

What types of stimuli do some protists respond to?

chemicals, light, temperature

Can alcohol trigger a migraine headache?

Yes, alcohol can be a potent Migraine trigger for some patient.

Give sentences with the word phenomenon in it?

Rainbows are a phenomenon caused by sunlight refracting through raindrops. Unexplained aerial phenomenon have been dismissed by some people as UFO hoaxes.

What are some stimuli in your environment?

You respond to what effects you. For example, if you have allergies for dust you might start sneezing or have a running nose and take you medicine. Stimuli is like a cause and effect but it happens in your enviroment. Think of some examples that might affect you.

Does virus respond to stimuli?

No, it doesn't. This is one of the reasons scientists classify viruses as not living.