What do spiritually symbolic numbers mean Like 1-9 and 11 22?

Pythagoras said that numbers are geometric. The number '1' he said had the geometry of a point. By meditating on the '1', Pythagoras claimed you could relive the birth of the universe. Pythagoras recommended meditating on the '1' by substituting a black stone for it, placed it on a white sand background. He said that if your meditation was successful you would see the black stone transform into a dimensionless point. Then the point would pull apart forming a line, the geometry of the number '2'. Three formed when the two end points of the line recombined and gave birth to a third, the triangle. The fourth point would then be seen as the centerpoint of the triangle. It would then ascend to form the apex of a pyramid. At this point you will, according to Pythagoras, have relived the origin of our three dimensional universe from a point.