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What do star fish eat?

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Start Fish DietStar fish eat algae and you may purchase algae wafers at most pet shops that deal with salt water fish.
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How does a star fish use its stomach to eat?

star fish do not use its stomach to eat.

Do other fish eat star fish?


Can a star fish be killed in water?

Yes, If another fish was to eat the star fish whilst underwater then the star fish would die.

What does a pink star fish eat?

well a pink star fish eats coar

Do star fish eat clams?


Can you eat star fish?

Incredibly, you can!!

Do star fish eat crab?


How do star fish eat?

they turn their stomach inside out and eat

Do star fish eat snails?

starfish do eat snial

Do sharks eat bat star fish?

Yes, one of the predators of the bat star fish is a shark.

Does a sea turtle eat a star fish?


How do star fish eat clam?


What does a star fish eat?

They eat calms, oysters, mussels, small fish, sea snails , and barnacles

How does star fish affects the number of fishes?

they eat the thing fish eat so that they would die

What likes to eat star fish?

Crabs likes to eat them! :) YUMMM

Does a star fish eat?

Yes u moron they eat small partices

What do goat fish eat?

They eat algi, star fish, and baby sea horses, as they can get bigger wich the biggest they can get is 2 metres. They can eat anenome, turtle, and groper fish.

Can you please tell me how does a star fish eat its food?

They eat food through their butts.

Do star fish eat sea urchins?

i think yes

How do star fish eat clams and oysters?

wow cool by

Does a star fish eat and excrete from the same place?


What predators eat star fish?

sea otters and sharks

Do trigger fish prey on star fish?

Triggerfish will eat certain types of starfish, yes.

Are star fish carnivores?

Starfish are carnivores (they eat meat) Like clams, oysters, and fish Sometimes starfish eat other starfish

Do killer whales eat star fish?

no they eat hamburgers just like the rest of us.

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