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Starfish eat clams, mussels, oysters, and other shelled creatures. Sometimes they eat hermit crabs and very rarely tiny ocean bugs or parasites.

AnswerMost sea star (starfish) species are generalist predators, some eating bivalves like mussels, clams, and oysters; or any animal slow enough to be unable to evade the attack (e.g. dying fish). Some species are detritivores, eating decomposed animal and plant material, or organic films attached to substrate. The others may consume coral polyps (the best-known example for this is the infamous Acanthaster planci), sponges or even suspended particles and planktons (sea stars from the Order Brisingida). The process of feeding or capture may or may not be aided by special parts; Pisaster brevispinus or Short-spined Pisaster from the west coast of America may use a set of specialized tube feet capable of extending itself deep into the soft substrata, hauling out the prey (usually clams) from within.

Some species take advantage of the great endurance of their water vascular systems to force open the shells of bivalve mollusks such as clams and mussels, and inject their stomachs into the shells. Once the stomach is inserted inside the shell it digests the mollusk in place. The cardiac stomach is then brought back inside the body, and the partially digested food is moved to the pyloric stomach. Because of this ability to digest food outside of its body, the sea star is able to hunt prey that are much larger than its mouth would otherwise allow including arthropods, and even small fish in addition to mollusks.

Some starfish have been shown to live for several weeks without food under artificial conditions it is believed that they may receive some nutrients from organic material dissolved in seawater.
starfishes eat any animal that is slow so it can not attack
starfish eat corals, kelp,clam, and oyster
Starfish eat mussels, clams, oysters, snails, sponges, sea anemones, coral or other sea stars.
I live by the ocean in BC/while walking my dog we found a star fish in a pool

Just waiting to get caught by an eagle or seagull ( it is a nice size about 10-12"

across and purple in colour) yes! I rescued it I am only two minutes from beach..

It is now resting in a large pool of seawater in my backyard, I would like my grand children to see it when they come out for Easter dinner on Sunday ( I am going to go back and get it some clams when the tide goes out a bit more) and then on Sunday they can take it back to its rightful home and let it go, when the tide is in..

It is such a pretty colour a deep purple, At first my dog thought it was a new play toy !!NoT !!....

I know nothing about these sea creatures,,,So any in put would be good!!

the starfish eats clams usually and other small creatures

Starfish are carnivores so they eat meat like clams oysters fish and sometimes other starfish.
Starfish are carnivores (they eat meat)

Like clams, oysters, and fish

Sometimes starfish eat other starfish.

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Do starfish eat?

starfish do eat they are carnivores

Do starfish eat clownfish?

No, the starfish will not eat the clownfish.

Do starfish eat fish?

no fish are to fast for a starfish to eat

How often do starfish eat?

starfish eat oysters and clams

How often does a starfish eat?

starfish probably eat daily

Does a starfish eat plants?

no they eat clams or other starfish

Do starfish eat algae?

Yes, starfish eat algae.

Do starfish eat shrimp?

yes starfish eat shrimp

Do whale sharks eat starfish?

No they don't eat starfish.

Do starfish eat krill?

Yes starfish does eat krill:)

In what countries do people eat starfish?

People eat starfish in japan

What are starfish used for?

starfish are used to eat.

Do crabs eat starfish?

yes crabs do eat starfish they walk and when the get closer the grab them and eat it

Do StarFish Eat Water?

No, Starfish do not eat water. It is impossible to "eat" water, unless it is frozen.

Does starfish eat shrimp?

No starfish don't eat shrimp they eat clams, oysters, and mussels.

Do fish eat starfish?

Fish do eat starfish depending on the eatign characteristics

Which animals eat starfish?

seasgulls and aparently starfish eat each other

Does sharks eat starfish?

yes, acctually a lot of sharks eat starfish.

Does a starfish eat seaweed?

A starfish is a predator that eats bivalves, sponges, and snails. Some eat decaying organic matter. Starfish do not eat seaweed.

Do starfish eat meat?

Starfish as a species mainly eat meat, though there are a few starfish that do eat rotting plants found on the sea floor. Some starfish focus on detritus --- meaning they eat just about anything that is decomposing. The main diet of starfish are crustaceans i.e. claims, sea snails, oysters, hermit crabs, and other mollusks. Starfish are opportunistic and will eat any slow moving or dieing fish. At times starfish will even eat other starfish.

Do starfish eat each other?

Yes, Starfish can and do eat each other sometimes.

Do chocolate starfish eat coral?

no There is no such thing as chocolate starfish so they can NOT eat coral.

What animals in the great barrier reef eat the starfish?

Many types of fish will eat starfish, but there are also a kind of shrimp, the Harlequin Shrimp, that eat starfish exclusively.

Can starfish eat frogs?

no and never because frogs don't live in the ocean and starfish eat small fish and plankton there is NO way for a starfish to eat a frog EVER!

What does a starfish eat and what eats them?

A Starfish eats Clams, Oysters, or anything too slow to escape. Crabs, Otters, and Seagulls eat Starfish.