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Celebrities are role models to children and often represent some facet of life that people wish they could have.

Stars in the sky have become representative of freedom and hope, and it is wonderful to think that your ancestors and your children, and their children, and their children after them will look at exactly the same stars that you did.

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Q: What do stars mean to people?
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Who named the stars by putting them in constellations?

People do not put stars into the constellations, unless you mean extend and include the stars you wish when you create a constellation. As telescopes unveiled more stars they had to be named by a decision of which constellation it was closer to.

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How many stars are in Taurus constellation?

132. There are millions of stars in Taurus. Sometimes people mean the number visible without a telescope (or binoculars). Sometimes they simply mean the number of "bright" stars.

What does the idiom written in the stars mean?

This is an astrological reference. People believe that your life's events can be read by looking at the patterns of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth. If something is "written in the stars," then it's your fate or destiny.

What did stars mean in the American Revolution?

I think the stars mean how many patriots died

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What does the red in the China flag mean?

Life. And the five stars each represent one class of people.

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It refers to the beliefs of "astrology" and people's star signs.

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10 green stars

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they mean you are worthy of our state.

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What do stars on the flag mean?

The # of stars on the flag symbolize the # of States in our country

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