What do the 1997 Honda dashboard warning lights mean?

Which model? There is a standard design language for warning lights. The only ones which shouldn't be immediately obvious are (1) the one with a picture of an engine, and (2) one with a box with squiggly lines coming out of it. (1) The first one is a general fault warning. If this is coming on after the engine has been started, it means the vehicle's on-board computer has detected an error, or one of the many sensors which monitor the operation of the engine is not working properly. Basically, this means you'll need to take the car in to the dealer. They can hook their diagnostic computer up to your car and look for error codes stored in the vehicle computer's memory - this will tell them what the problem is. Hold on to your wallet, it could be in for a bumpy ride. (2) The second one (I think) is an Exhaust Temperature warning. Again, take the car in to be checked, sooner rather than later. Other lights are the various systems' self-check indicators. These are usually lableed "SRS" (the SRS airbag system), and "ABS" (the anti-lock braking system). there may be others. These should come on briefly when the engine is first started, then go out a few seconds later. If they don't, or of they come on during driving, these systems may be faulty. Again, have the car checked out.