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Unlike Jeopardy contestants keep the money won or get theminimum$1000

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Who were the contestants of Wheel of Fortune on September 14th and15th?

Wheel of Fortune is not Jeopardy and does not give a contestants name. The contestants on Wheel of Fortune are only known by there first names

Do Wheel of Fortune contestants keep their winnings?

yes they keep and pay taxes on what they win

Can you provide a complete list of past Wheel of Fortune contestants?

No Wheel of Fortune not provide that information on there contestants. There have been thousands of contestants since the Nighttime Syndicated Wheel of Fortune Began in September 1983

Who were the contestants on Wheel of Fortune on December 13 2010?

Contestants are not made public on Wheel of Fortune and go by there first names

Who were the contestants on Wheel of Fortune on April 23 2012?

Contestants on Wheel of Fortune are only announced with first names during the show

How did Brian Pacheco do on Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune does not give the last names of contestants like Jeopardy

Can you give me a list of contestants on Wheel of Fortune March 16 2010?

Names of the Contestants are not available on any Wheel of Fortune site. If you have a acceptable reason you might contact the Wheel of Fortune show for the information. They maintain names of the contestants because they are not allowed to reappear on the program. (see the related link)

How do you solve Wheel of Fortune puzzles?

The contestants solve the puzzles.

What is the answer to the Wheel of Fortune winner?

The Puzzle and contestants are different for each show or the Spin ID is different for the home Wheel of Fortune winners

Who was the youngest person to be on Wheel of Fortune?

There was a Wheel of Fortune spin off called Wheel 2000 (see related Link) that allowed kids from 10 to 15 to be on the program. On the regular Wheel of Fortune I remember a Girl and her friend both won cars and yet were too young to be able to Drive. Contestants on Wheel of Fortune are not like the Contestants on Jeopardy where you are given the full name and age. On Wheel of Fortune that information is rarely given so it would be impossible to determine who the youngest or oldest players were unless it was released. Even the show might not have complete records of the over 16,000 past contestants of the nighttime Wheel of Fortune Syndicated TV Show. Records might not even exist for the 30,000 total contestants from the Daytime and Nighttime programs.

How do you play along with Wheel of Fortune?

You guess what the answer to the puzzle is as the contestants spin the Wheel, call a letter, and buy a vowel.

Who were the players on Wheel on Fortune for March 24 2012?

They were the contestants from the original episode date of January 21 2011. Wheel of Fortune contestants are not like a Jeopardy show contestants who provide a full name, occupation, and location and are available after the show in the Jeopardy Archive. Wheel of Fortune contestant identities are private and they only provide a first name during the program which is not available after the program has aired.

Who were the contestants in the February 9 2011 episode of the Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of fortune does not identify the contestants. They provide only first names. You are thinking of Jeopardy with the following contestants :Sean Priest, a high school vice principal from San Francisco, CaliforniaDaniel Cohen, an actor from Astoria, New YorkPaul Wampler, a web programmer from Knoxville, Tennessee (whose 2-day cash winnings total $33,401)Wheel of fortune does not identify the contestants. They provide only the first names for the 6 contestants on the show.

Where was the Wheel of Fortune contestants from january 6th 2012?

That is not sometime that can be obtained after the show is aired

Who has caught their clothing on wheel while spinning on Wheel of Fortune?

People on the show are not identified so how would someone tell you who has caught there clothing. Wheel of Fortune gives a "First" name for contestants

How much has been won since 1983 by the contestants on wheel of fortune?

To quote the Sony Wheel of Fortune site "Since its debut in 1983, Wheel of Fortune has awarded more than $190 million in cash and prizes to its contestants." see related link It is likely that even the show does no keep the answer totally up to date at the site and I know the information has not been updated for over 12 months so it is now closer to 200 million

Who were the contestants in the September 17 2007 episode of Wheel of Fortune?

You might have to write the show and include reasons to obtain an answer to your question. While a record of the Jeopardy contestant names are maintained in the Jeopardy Archive see related link they do not include the names of the contestants in the Wheel of Fortune puzzle history in the link for Wheel of Fortune puzzle history see related link

Should the wheel on Wheel of Fortune make a complete revolution when a contestant spins it?

No that is the price is right Wheel of Fortune never has a contestant do that. The Wheel is difficult for some contestants to reach and there spins are acceptable at least the edited broadcast program

Which contestant won the Wheel of Fortune on February 15 2010?

Wheel of Fortune does not release the names of contestants even in there approved profiles and contestant blogs done for a few of the contestants they list only the first name and last initial and hometown see related link

How many letters choose Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune chooses to give the E and the Letters R, S, T, L, & N to contestants solving the Bonus or Final Puzzle.

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