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Traditionally the Advent wreath is made of four purple (sometimes blue) candles around an evergreen wreath with one white candle in the middle. One purple candle is lit each week of Advent and symbolizes a different theme: expectation, hope, purity and joy, in that order. The first week, only one is lit. The second week, the first and second are lit, and so on. The center candle, known as the "Christ Candle," is lit Christmas Eve & Christmas Day as a celebration of Jesus as the light of the world.

In some churches, the Joy candle may be red or pink. And in all churches, the wreath itself, always evergreen, is a perfect circle and a symbol of God's everlasting love.

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Q: What do the five Advent candles mean?
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How many candles does a advent wreath have?

there are five candles in an advent wreath, each one of them representing the five sundays of advent

What does the candles on the Advent wreath mean?

the candles meanwaiting,expectationpreparation

How many candles are there on an advent ring?

* There are five candles (one for every Sunday in December). * Four candles (3 purple,1pink)

What does the wreath mean on the advent wreath?

the candles meanwaiting,expectationpreparation

What colours are the candles in advent?

The colors of candles in Advent are purple and pink

What color is the advent's candles?

You mean, "What colors are the Advent candles?" First Sunday in Advent, purple Second Sunday in Advent, purple Third Sunday in Advent, pink (or purple) Fourth Sunday in Advent, purple Some now use blue candles for all four Sundays in Advent. For more information do a web search on liturgical colors.

What advents season is?

Advent is the four Sundays before Christmas. My church has an "advent wreath" with five candles (one for each of the Sundays of advent and one for Christmas eve).

What are the candles of Advent for?

All candles are sacramentals used in the Church's liturgy. The candles particular to Advent would be the candles on the Advent wreath, and these stand for the four Sundays in Advent, which is focused on penance and preparation for the coming of the Lord, both in His Nativity and in His Second Coming.

What are the colours ofthe advent wreath candles?

The colors of the advent wreath candles are purple and pink.

Can you give a list of symbols for advent?

advent wreath advent candles

Do people have an Advent Wreath with four candles?

The standard Advent Wreath has four candles and many churches and homes have them during Advent.

Are the Advent candles an important symbol in Advent?


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