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What do the folds in a chef's hat mean?


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It dates back to the 16th century, there are exactly 100 folds which represent the chef can cook eggs 100 different ways


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It means their are twenty five types of eggs.

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they are chefs hat already in club penguin

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The cap in modern times is to prevent hair contaminating food. The origin of the chef hats dates back to the 16th century and they were used to tell the rank and experience of the chef. The higher the hat was, the higher your rank was. So typically the head chef in a kitchen always had the highest hat. The folds in the hat represented the experience of the chef. So, the more experienced s/he was at cooking, the more folds there will be in the hat. Some establishments still use this 16th century hat system on their chefs.

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in real life the chefs were a hat so that their hair doesn't fall on the food they make but in Club Penguin they just were hats to show that they are chefs (many consider that a person is a chef only if he wears a hat and all the chefs do have hats and Club Penguin is just a game)

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