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Each candle represent one of the four Sundays before Easter where Jesus rises. It is kind of like a count-down. The third candle is pinkish because it is the colour to show the anticipation of Easter.

(Advent is Christmas lent is Easter DAH!
1. Candle of Hope -purple

2. Candle of Preparation -purple

3. Candle of Joy -purple

4. Candle of Love -pink

5. Christ Candle (located in the center of the wreath)

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Q: What do the four candles of Advent mean?
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Do people have an Advent Wreath with four candles?

The standard Advent Wreath has four candles and many churches and homes have them during Advent.

How many candles are on the outside of the advent wreath?

There are four candles on the outside of the Advent wreath. There is one pink candle and three purple candles.

What color is the advent's candles?

You mean, "What colors are the Advent candles?" First Sunday in Advent, purple Second Sunday in Advent, purple Third Sunday in Advent, pink (or purple) Fourth Sunday in Advent, purple Some now use blue candles for all four Sundays in Advent. For more information do a web search on liturgical colors.

Why are there four candles on an advent wreath?

Each candle represents a Sunday in Advent

Why do people have Advent candles?

Candles are placed on an Advent wreath and are lit sequentially to count down the four weeks of Advent which immediately precede Christmas.

What does the candles on the Advent wreath mean?

the candles meanwaiting,expectationpreparation

How many candles are on an Advent Wreath and how many weeks are represented?

Four, they represent the four Sundays of Advent.

What are the candles of Advent for?

All candles are sacramentals used in the Church's liturgy. The candles particular to Advent would be the candles on the Advent wreath, and these stand for the four Sundays in Advent, which is focused on penance and preparation for the coming of the Lord, both in His Nativity and in His Second Coming.

What are the four candles of advent?

there are four candles in the advent wreath 3 violets and 1 pink candle the pink candle is lighten in the 3rd week there are four candles in the advent wreath 3 violets and 1 pink candle the pink candle is lighten in the 3rd week

What is lit at advent?

The Roman Catholic church has a tradition of lighting Advent Candles during the four weeks of Advent.

Which country have advent wreath four candles?

The U.S. uses it

How many candles are on the Advent wreath?

there are four candles on the wreath three purple and one pink

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