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the giant river otter eats mainly fish. but also eat crabs, caimans, snakes, frogs, bird eggs, and molluscs


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If you mean what do otters eat, then they eat fish, and shellfish. Also, Giant river otters will occasionally attack a caiman wandering into their territory.

No, people do not eat river otters... but they do eat the fosh that the otters eat :-).

Giant River Otters do camflage by hidind in dark areas on the surface of the water and under aswell.

River otters do. But most otters eat small snakes.

Giant river otters don't migrate. They stay were they are unless there habitat gets destroyed.

River otters do eat snakes but, only small snakes

No..They are carnivorous.They eat mainly frogs, fish, and crayfish. don't forget clams

Yes Rivers Otters will eat beavers.

River otters eat fish, crayfish, mice, birds, crabs and whatever else might be available.

There are many types of river otters, and some are social while others are not. The Giant River Otter from the Amazon lives in packs, as do North American river otters, female Southern river otters, (males are solitary). The European river otter is extremely territorial.

there are 14 types of otters they are the giant otter, north american river otter and many more

River Otters eat them.

River otters mainly eat fish but they will consume frogs, crustaceans, reptiles and small mammals if the opportunity arises.

Mother sea otters nurse their young. They aggresively defend their young from intruders. Baby sea otters are called pups. The pups are weaned at 14 weeks. By three or four months, Giant River otters eat solid food.

there are lots of otters such as the river otter, European otter, sea otter, giant otter and lots more

Yes. Otters eat fish, shellfish, crustaceans mainly.

they live in south America Amazon river

Yes, river otters are considered omnivores. They eat mainly aquatic plantation, but they also frequently eat shellfish they come across.

yes they do eat gold fish

The giant otter eats piranas. I learned on the animal plantet. The giant otter is also indangered!

There are many types of river otters. The only way I could answer your question would be if you said which type you were referring to. If you mean the giant river otter, it is threatened by habitat loss and poaching, and fishermen sometimes kill them because they think that the giant river otters are a nuisance. In the past, otter pelts were very valuable, and massive amounts of hunting have decimated populations of many, if not all, species of river otters worldwide.

crocodile or alligator, piranha, other cannibalised otters.

There are sea otters and other otters. In the category of "other" otters, you can include the North American River Otter, Giant Otter of South America, Asian small clawed otters, Congo clawless otters, Capr clawless otters, Southern river otters, hairy nosed otters, spot necked otters, neo tropical long tailed otters, and others I may fail to mention.

That depends on the particular river in question...

it is in danger because wolves,grizzly and black bears eat river otters not any other otter only a RIVER OTTER.OK

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