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Convenience, value, service...

Originally it stood for

consumer value store

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Q: What do the letters 'CVS' stand for in 'CVS Pharmacy?
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What do the letters CVS stand for with CVS Pharmacy?

c0ck vag1nal sh1t

What do the letters 'CVS' stand for in 'CVS Pharmacy'?

"CVS" stands for "Convenience, Value and Service", but it used to stand for 'Consumer Value Stores'.

Does cvs pharmacy or walmart sell hemclear?

Does cvs pharmacy sell hemclear

Does cvs pharmacy offer car insurance?

CVS pharmacy is a pharmacy. A pharmacy offers pharmaceuticals. Car Insurance is not a pharmaceutical product, so no.

What is the ticker symbol for CVS Pharmacy?

CVS Pharmacy is part of CVS/Caremark which trades under the ticker symbol CVS on the New York Stock Exchange.

Can you find CVS jobs in Florida?

"Yes, there are CVS pharmacies and CVS Pharmacy Benefit Management offices in Florida. Call your local CVS pharmacy to find out how to apply."

What is CVS Pharmacy's population?

The population of CVS Pharmacy is 2,005.

What is the population of CVS Pharmacy?

CVS Pharmacy's population is 80,000.

Which CVS Pharmacy opens 24 hours?

Click on the link below to find out your nearest CVS/Pharmacy and for their store hours and information.

What is the pharmacy website?


Do cvs pharmacy double coupon?


Do the Mormons own cvs pharmacy?


Different work stations in the pharmacy at CVS Pharmacy?

18 or older

Do you need a pharmacy degree to apply for CVS pharmacy jobs?

"No, you do not need a pharmacy degree to apply for CVS pharmacy jobs, but you might need the degree if they want to hire you. Think of it this way, the higher degree, the better."

Main pharmacy retailers in the US?

Target, Wal-mart, CVS Pharmacy, and Walgreens.

How much does a pharmacy technician trainee get paid working at cvs pharmacy?


What is the starting rate of a cvs clerk?

It really depends on the state the CVS pharmacy in. The minimum wage is different in each state. So whatever the minimum wage is in your state, that is mostly likely the wage at the CVS pharmacy.

What is the human resources number for cvs?

CVS Pharmacy HUMAN RESOURCES address and phone number

What are the needed CVS jobs qualifications?

The qualification to get a job with CVS is to have a pharmacy degree. If one has a pharmacy degree, one just needs to go and apply for a job at CVS. One can apply by visiting their store or on their online site.

Does CVS Pharmacy sell gift cards?


Does cvs pharmacy sell virgin mobile phones?


What holidays does cvs pharmacy pay employees?


What does Bonnie drives in the CVS pharmacy commercial?


What coupons does cvs take?

CVS Pharmacy coupons and Third Party Manufacturer pharmacy coupons are accepted in CVS stores. However, CVS will not accept Third Party Manufacturer coupons with another retailer's logo. CVS will also accept coupons printed from the internet but will not accept barcode coupons on mobile devices.

What does the RR stand for at a pharmacy?

What does the RR stand for at a pharmacy?