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What does 14k-odi

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I have no idea ?

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Q: What do the markings ODI 10K on a ring mean?
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What does ODI mean on a 14 kt ring?

ODI Is the logo of the company who made the ring.

What does odi in odi grips stand for?

ODI stands for ODI

What is salary of ICC umpire for each ODI match?

US$ 10k per match in lcoal country US$ 20k + TADA + RESIDENCE Allowance per match abroad

What do odi squad numbers mean?

ODI stands for "One day international" so it is the team which are playing the one day international match.

What does ODI mark on copper mean?

It's made in Korea.

What is i hate you in Latin?

Te odi (singular "you") Vos odi (plural "you")

In cricket what is ODI?

ODI Means One Day Internationals

Who made cars with name of odi?

Do you mean Audi? If so, Audi makes Audi cars.

What is the difference between pro20 and ODI?

the difference between pro20 and ODI?

Who is the fastest bowler in ODI?

Shohaib Akter is the fastest bowler in ODI

What is the full form of odi?

ODI stands for One Day International.

How many ODI matches have Kevin pietersen played in odi?

Kevin Pietersen played 104 ODI matches (as of October 11, 2010).