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they both run on a representative government

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Nothing. The House of Burgesses was a representative body and a forefather of the US Congress. The Mayflower Compact, contrary to popular belief, was an agreement between the religion-minded people and those who were not that stated that the group would not splinter up based on purpose.

The Virginia Compact also known as the Mayflower compact was an agreement signed by Pilgrims on the Mayflower before disembarking. It committed them to working in unison, as a common cause, to assuring their proposed community would have the benefit of cohesion and order.

The Mayflower compact showed the framers of the constitution that they had to provide for the common good of the people.

When the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth they wrote to Mayflower Compact ( it was written on the ship they were on named the Mayflower) as a means to govern their new colony.

The Mayflower Compact kept the settlers together in a group under Parliments laws and kept them from splintering and dying off.

they all wanted freedom of religion and wrote the Mayflower compact

The Mayflower Compact said that the pilgrims would have to obey all the laws made for the common good of the colony. It gave the pilgrims their own charter to govern themselfs. Based on the way it was written it showed that these people had a deep faith in God. The may flower compact was signed on November.11.1620.

Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Indepedence, Common Sense

they each want to have own freedom from the other country. They each want their own rules and the government of their own.

November 11, 1620. Mayflower was a very common ship name, and other ships called the Mayflower made trips to New England; but none of them ... MYTH: The Mayflower was headed for Virginia, but due to a navigational mistake it ended up in Cape CodMassachusetts. ...

They are both frameworks that leave the actual laws to be written open to change, as circumstances evolve.

They are similar because they are both important documents in U.S history, they are also both descibe the organization of government in detail.

The document was the Mayflower Compact. This was created to insure that the Pilgrims all agreed to follow a common set of rules.

Common law marriage is not recognized in Virginia.Common law marriage is not recognized in Virginia.Common law marriage is not recognized in Virginia.Common law marriage is not recognized in Virginia.

When you read the Mayflower Compact and the PreAmble to the Constitution, you can see some similarities - not in the wording, but in the intent. Mayflower Compact For our better ordering Preservation and furtherance of colony Just and equal laws,ordinances,acts, constitutions, and offices shall be thought most meet ..the general good of the colony we all commit and submit to these and obey them Preamble: Forming a more perfect union - order Insure domestic tranquility - preservation, common defense Establish justice - laws for the good of all Promote the welfare of all people Secure liberty to ourselves and offspring - we all commit to uphold, obey and support this Constitution These are some of the obvious points.

"CD" is capitalized because it is an abbreviation for "compact disc", but "compact disc" is a common noun so would not be capitalized.

Pressing is a common method.

Before going ashore in America, 41 male passengers signed the Mayflower Compact. It was in agreement to the condition that they will submit to a government chosen by common consent. It also pledged allegiance and loyalty to the English king.