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What do the oylimpic rings stand for?

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The rings represent the original 5 continents, every flag in the world has at least one colour of the Olympic rings in their national flag.

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How many oylimpic rings?

There are five olympic rings. Each ring represents a continent (excluding the poles) and at least one of each of the colours can be found in EVERY countries flag.

What do the Olympic rings stand represent?

What do the Olympic rings stand represent

Is darts an oylimpic sport?


Who watched the oylimpic games?


Where will the 2010 oylimpic games be held?

Firstly olympic is not spelt oylimpic secondary there are no olympic or commonwealth games that have or are going to be held in 2010

Why are there 5 rings and what does each ring stand for?

how to play ring toss game with 5 different color rings and 1 stand

What do the linked rings in the Olympics stand for?

Everythin they stand 4 everything :)

Who has rings?

People who got married have rings , rings can stand for their marriage and they can show others that they have their lover and they have their own marriage .

How many holes are in the oylimpic torch?


What does R.M.I. stand for on gold rings?

Rings Made in India ..... its means they are fake

What the colors of the Olympic rings stand for?

The different colours stand for different continents ;)

What does the blue on the Olympic rings stand for?

dont no

What does each one of the rings stand for?


What do the olympic 5 rings stand for?


What does the Olympic rings stand for?

The Continents of the World.

What are rings like on a ring stand?

The 5 rings of the Olympics stand for friendship. Baron Pierre de Coubertin wanted all of the countries to join.

What do the 5 olimpic rings stand for-?

The 5 Olympic rings stand for the five major regions in the world. They are Europe, Africa, Asia, The Americas and Oceania.

What does red stand for on the Olympic rings?

All of the rings represent continents but they don't have specific meanings.

What does each color stand for?

In the Olympics? The colors and rings represent the colors of the flags and the rings are the continents.

What do each olympic rings stand for?

Each continent

What does the blue ring of the Olympic rings stand for?


What do the olyimpic rings stand for?

love hope and peace

What does the blue ring in the olypmic rings stand for?


What are the Olympic rings and what do they stand for?

The five different continents

What do the four rings on the Audi logo stand for?

The four rings stand for the four companies that merged together to make current Audi. They were Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.