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How many stars are on the United states flag?

There are 50 stars. Every star represents a state. 50 stars = 50 states. There are 50 stars on the US flag, each representing a state. ...
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What do the stripes on the US flag represent?

Meaning of Red and White Stripes on US Flag There was an act that said that the flag of the thirteen United States would have thirteen stripes, alternated with red and white, and the union would be thirteen stars, white in a field of blue, representing a new constellation. Attributed to George Washington was that it takes the stars from the heavens, and the red from our mother country, separated by white stripes, and the white stripes would mean liberty. More input from WikiAnswers...
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What do the stripes represent on the US flag?

The 13 stripes represent the 13 original colonies that formed the US. The original act of Congress said that the flag of the thirteen United States would have thirteen stripes, alternated with red and white, and the union would be thirteen stars, white in a field of blue, representing a new constellation. The stripes represented the 13 states of the Union. Attributed to George Washington was that it takes the stars from the heavens, and the red from our mother country, separated by white...
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What are the colors of the rings on the Olympic flag?

The Olympic Flag has rings of Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Red in order from left to right, on a white background. The Olympic flag has a white background, with five interlaced rings in the center: blue, yellow, black, green and red. It represents the five inhabited continents of the world, united by Olympism, while the six colors are those that appear on all the national flags of the world at the present time. Depends on what ring. ...
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What was the reason for the Australian Flag?

In the 1901 Federal Flag design competition many designers in australia were given the chance to design the new australian flag with a big cash prize waiting for the winner. The winner was then chosen by a committee of British Officers and the design was submitted to the Imperial Authourities for approval . The reason for this competition was the need for an official federal flag. The Union Jack was for the obvious reason that Australia was at the time a British Colony...
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Can you tend the flag off the green in golf?

yes you can if you believe the ball will land or roll into the hole.
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What does the phrase orange flag or red flag mean?

Depending on the sport red flag could mean stop in NASCAR. Other than that i don't recall orange flag or red flag existing. ...
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What does Scotland's national flag look like?

Scotland's flag is called the Saltire or the St Andrew's Cross. It is a blue flag with a white diagonal cross. The Lion Rampant which has a red lion standing on its rear legs on a yellow background and is the Royal Standard of Scotland. The design may be seen as similar to that of Jersey, white flag of ratio 3:5 with a red St. Andrew's cross style cross, with Jersey's coat of arms in the upper most white triangle. The...
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What did the German flag in World War 2 look like?

It was a black swastika in a white circle on a red background. The swastika was a universal sign of peace in Ancient Civilizations. The German National Socialist Workers Party adopted it, turned it 45 degrees on end and used it as their party symbol. Ever since it has been associated with the German National Socialist Workers Party. However, there were different variations for different branches of the service. ...
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What do the colors on the German flag represent?

The colours on the German flag since 1949 are black-red-gold. These were the colours of: 1. The flag of the Holy Roman Empire from about 1402-1806. (The flag consisted of a black double- headed eagle with red claws on a bright golden ground. The golden background is associated with the myth that the eagle could stare at the sun). For a long time the red colouring of the claws was optional. 2. In 1813 the black-red-gold flag was adopted by some young...
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What year was the french flag created?

the French flag was officially adopted in February 1794.
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What is flag state administration?

vessel which flag intitled to fly
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What is pole that whole the flag called?

Did you mean "holds the flag" question is confusing
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What does the Somalian flag mean?

The blue background is modeled after the flag of the United Nations. The five points of the star in the center are said to represent the five regions that had major ethnic Somali populations at the time immediately before Somalia's independence in 1960: Italian Somaliland, British Somaliland, and the majority Somali areas of Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya, respectively. ...
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What design elements can be found on the us flag?

Repetition, pattern, and rhythm are design elements that can be found in the American flag. ...
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How many knot your national flag?

24 knots
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Is it illegal to fly the confederate flag?

No, it's not illegal, although some people think it is racist and immoral. ...
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What do the colors of the Mexican flag stand for?

At the end of the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1821), the Army of the Three Guarantees (Spanish: Ejercito Trigarante or Ejercito de las Tres Garantias) was the name given to the army after the unification of the Spanish troops led by Agustin de Iturbide and the Mexican insurgent troops of Vicente Guerrero, consolidating Mexico's independence from Spain. At first, the meaning of the colors of the Army of the Three Guarantees was: Green: was a sign of independence from Spain. White: Religion, faith or belief,...
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What do the colors stand for on the Iraq flag?

The Iraq Flag is not yet officially adopted although a new flag was proposed in April 2004. The proposed New Iraq flag is a modified version of that one which introduced on January 14, 1991. The flag of Iraq is consists of three equal horizontal stripes of red which is located at the top, white, and black. The red color stand for courage, the white stands for generosity, black recalls the many triumphs of Islam, and green is symbolic of the Islam...
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What do red license plates in Ontario mean?

Political types. Ambassadors, Foreign Ministers and such. Would I be politically correct in saying that they are politically immune. ...
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How does Alaska's state flag look like?

The"Big Dipper" stars and the "north star" patterns are displayed on a blue background. All the stars are gold color. ...
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Why do people still have the Swastika nazi flag today?

Because some people can really relate to Hitler's anti-Semitic, racial and nationalistic ideals. The red/black/white slanted Swastika is a immediately recognizable symbol of the Nazi regime, and is a perfect way for those people to indicate they subscribe to that philosophy. Oddly enough, Neo-Nazism is not illegal. It's simply considered an extremist political party. They are allowed to continue all normal activities any other religion/political party would carry out, excepting of course, specific advocation of violence or sedition. Note that the United States is an...
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What do the symbols on the kappa sigma flag mean?

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Colors of selangor flag and informations?

The flag of the state of Selangor, in Malaysia, is one of Selangor's state symbols. It is divided into four proportionally-sized sections. The upper left and lower right sections are red, while the upper right and lower left sections are yellow. The red sections symbolise bravery. The yellow sections refer to royalty, represented by the local monarchy of Selangor, and the Sultan, who is the head of the state. The official religion of Selangor is Islam, and that is denoted by the...