Maltese Terriers

With its striking white coat and its elegant appearance, it can be hard to believe that Maltese Terriers were first bred for ratting. Because of the Maltese’s friendly and affectionate personality, they are now commonly kept as companion animals. This category has questions relating to this breed’s characteristics, features, etc.

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Conditions and Diseases
Maltese Terriers

Are Maltese dogs likely to get arthritis?

Yes, Maltese are prone to many joint problems as they age. Mine is only 4 and she already has bad joints, but there are medications that your vet can give you to help. If it gets really bad they could need surgery.

Maltese Terriers
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What is the life expectancy for chinchillas?

5-4 years fx

Conditions and Diseases
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Maltese Terriers

Are Maltese dogs good for people with Pet allergies?

YES Maltese are AMAZING for people with allergies. I have severe pet allergies and have a maltese--that causes no allergic reactions at all. Maltese are good for those with allergies for two reasons (1) they have hair rather than fur (2) they have no undercoat

that most dogs have (which causes them to shed and release dander). If you have allergies a Maltese would be a perfect choice (a poodle, bichon, labradoodle, portuguese water dog, and yorkie are some others)

Hope this helps!! :)

Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings
Maltese Terriers

What does the Maltese Cross stand for?

The Maltese cross originally from the Knights of St John of Jerusalem ( the Knight Hospitalers)who used the Christian cross as a badge on their shields was adopted by the St. John Ambulance Brigade of today and also the Fire Service due to their object of service. It became known as the Maltese Cross because the Knights were given premission to settle in Malta and it is now the emblem of that country in the Mediterranean sea.

B:The eight points of the Maltese cross symbolise the eight beatitudes of Christ's Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5.3-10):

The poor in spirit, They who mourn, They who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, the meek, the peacemakers, they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the pure in heart and the mercifu.

The Maltese Cross is also interpreted as a symbol of the eight chivalric virtues:

Observation, Tact, Resource, Dexterity, Sympathy, Perseverance, Discrimination, Explicitness

Another theory considers the eight points of the Maltese Cross a symbol for the eight langues of the Order of Malta:

Provence, Auvergne, France, Aragon, Italy, Germany, England, Castilia

What is known as the Maltese Cross was originally the symbol of Amalfi, a small Italian republic of the 11th century

The cross of Saint Florian, used by firefighters is often confused with the Maltese cross; although it may have eight or more points, it also has large curved arcs between the points.


According to the Princeton dictionary, Maltese Cross has 2 meanings:

1. A cross with arrow shaped arms

2. A Eurasian garden

Dog Breeding and Mating
Maltese Terriers

Is it hard to care for a Maltese puppy?

Very small dogs can become hypoglycemic easily. That is when they have a low blood sugar. Depending on how small,young and healthy the dog is will depend on the needed care. Before purchasing/adopting one, you should do as much research as possible to make sure that you aren't getting yourself into something you can't handle.

Maltese Terriers

How big do maltipoo puppies get?

My malti/poo is going to be 5 years old and it 15 lb.

Im still surprised on how big its grown. When I bought him the store seller told me it was only gonna grow no more than 10 lb. and smaller than a shoe box. well that was all a lie because to me his still growing.

English Language
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Maltese Terriers
The Difference Between

What is the difference between then and than?

Then is used to indicate time, as in:

I will go to the store, then I will come home.

Than is used to make a comparison, as in:

I like chocolate more than vanilla.

Maltese Terriers

Do most Maltese dogs need cages?

if you train your dog as a pup in a cage it most likely wont need one when it grows up, but training a Maltese in a cage isn't so easy. Mine barked all night until I took her out, so now she sleeps with me in my bed. She likes her cage, just not when she is locked in it. Whenever I'm gone, she sleeps in her cage (out of will). If you are talking about locking your dog in a cage while your gone, I do not think that is necessary, since Maltese don't usually posses a destructive nature, but it depends on the individual dog.--as a puppy you may consider putting them in a pin (like a play pin) and placing their cage, water, food and a wee pad inside their pin if you are worried about your house. This way they aren't locked inside a cage, have access to food and water, and can also go to the bathroom if they have to.

Maltese Terriers

Can a Maltese dog kill a snake?

Pretty easily, assuming it's a small, nonvenomous species. And if for some reason the Maltese was hellbent on killing it, it could probably bite a large, venomous species to death, though not without injury to itself.

It would have to be a very small snake, or a surprise attack by the dog, to seriously harm it on the first bite.

The Difference Between
Maltese Terriers

What is the difference between a bichon and Maltese dog?

Bichons have curly hair that grows close to their skin and never reaches anywhere close to the ground. They are larger (about 13-20lbs) than a Maltese (5-8lbs) and are also more hyper. Bichons are a lot stronger than a Maltese and require more walks. Maltese have hair that flows down to the ground (if you let it) --and if you don't want long hair for your Maltese you can always give it a puppy cut. Their hair is strait and silky, unlike the Bichon.

Dog Breeds
Maltese Terriers

What is the price of Maltese terrier?

It depends on who and where you get it from. They range from $250-$5000,

$5000 being for a show quality Maltese and $250 if you adopt. The most common price range is probably $750-$1500.

Maltese Terriers

Do Maltese dogs have a odor?

Maltese usually smell really nice, unless you don't bathe them for a VERY long time, get extremely dirty and aren't cleaned, or are neglected (as for most dogs). If you take care of them properly they will smell good for a while without a bath.


Dog Breeds
Maltese Terriers

Is it serious if a 13 week old teacup chihuahua has worms?

This is very serious, are you sure it's worms? it could be something else. I advice you to take it to the vets as soon as possible. It could be fatal if a chihuahua that young has worms!
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Maltese Terriers

What does bon appétit mean?

"Bon appetit" means literally "Have a good appetite", otherwise translated from the French to "Enjoy your meal" or very simply "Enjoy!".
Bon appetit is used at the beginning of the meal. In good company, the meal should start when everybody is at the table. To let the participants know that no one else is expected, and it is fine to eat, the hostess will usually say "bon appetit", everyone else can say thank you, or repeat "bon appetit", and start eating.

Maltese Terriers

What is a Maltese's appearance?

they are white (all white) and have hair, not fur--therefore their hair is not as thick or dense as a lab but it is still very pretty. They are about the size of a yorkie and weigh in at around 5-8lbs unless you have a teacup Maltese (in which case they will weigh about 3.5-4.5lbs) some Maltese have tear stain, although with proper care you can get rid of it. Their ears flop down and they usually have a shmush nose, but others have a longer one. --Always have black eyes

hope this helped :)

Maltese Terriers

Are Maltese energetic?

Well Maltese are said to be lapdogs but i own one right now and he is very energetic and he thinks he is bigger than any other dog plus they love the attention but trust me not all dogs are the same when you get a Maltese sure it might be lazy and would love to take naps but chances are you might even get a Maltese who loves to run all over your house non top just one thing you shouold keep in mind always remember that a pet is a huge resposibility and it will nto turn out to be as easy as it seems because they might be domesticated animals bhut they still have the unpridictable personality of what they will like to do and some might not be the same size as the rest but it will be an honor and joy to have a companion such as a Maltese

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How do you define 'easy training'?

you just work real fast and get better grades

Maltese Terriers
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What do you call a Maltese and Jack Russell mix?

A Jacktese.

Of course you can make any 'breed' from a combination of breed names. :)

Maltese Terriers

Where are maltese's from?

they originated in Malta (hence the name Maltese)


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Which dog breeds have blue eyes?

Husky's are the only dogs with blue eyes but not all of them have blue eyes

wrong. Huskies are NOT the only dog breeds with blue eyes. Australian shepherds, border collies, dalmatians, to name a few are all dog breeds with the blue eyed gene. Blue eyes are genetic, any dog can get the genetics for blue eyes, but most dog breed standards consider blue eyes a fault or disqualification, but the list below are dog some dogs breeds that allow blue eyes.

Alaskan Huskies

Alaskan malamutes

American Indian dogs

Siberian Huskies

Australian Shepherds

Border collies ( in merles)

Catahoula Leopards

Collies / rough or smooth (in merles)

etc. There are other breeds that recognize blue eyed dogs in shows.

Any dog can have blue eyes since it is generic.

Alaskan Malamutes DO NOT have blue eyes. Only if they are mixed with something else. The only breeds that I know of that can have blue eyes are Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, Collie, Dalmation and Catahoula Leopard Dogs. If somebody knows any more, please add them.

Proper Addressing
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How do you say great grandfather with 16 greats?

16th great grandfather

Maltese Terriers

Does Maltese dogs loose their teeth at a young age?

Yes, a Maltese should have lost all or most of their teeth by 9-10 months of age. --their mouth looks really cute when their teeth start to grow in :)

International Cuisine
Maltese Terriers

What do Maltese people eat?

The typical Maltese diet would be very similar to that of Scilians. Being Fish (especially during the hotter months and due to the abundance of fish around the islands), also meat dishes, pasta dishes. Maltese have their own spin on pasta though are very similar to that found in Scilian or Italian cusines. Common foods would consist of Rabbit (either as a stew or fried with mint and garlic) Lumpuki or Dolphin Fish (not Dolphins) which would be cooked over an open flame and eaten with sea salt and olive oil, various other seafood, Squid stew and Sea urchins (Ritzzi).

Maltese Terriers

What is the scientific name of a Maltese?

The answer is Canis familiaris. All breeds of domestic dog has the same scientific name, including the Maltese.

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Dog Breeding and Mating
Maltese Terriers

How much does a Maltese puppy cost?

Maltese puppies can cost from around $800 to $6,000. I got one that costs $800, and I love her just as much as a $6,000 dollar one, maybe even more!

As you can see, the prices greatly range and this is primarily due to quality. The most important thing is to find a reputable and responsible Maltese breeder and buy from them. Typically, breeders with a good reputation will charge more than breeders without a the reputation, but it is usually worth it because you know you're getting your dog from a good source. If you buy from an unreputable breeder, than the cost is usually less, but the risk that the dog could develop health problems is greater, and those vet bills could far exceed the amount saved from buying from an unreputable source.

Contact many breeders and ask them lots of questions about their breeding program. Get references from others that have bought dogs from them in the past. Ten, contact those people to find out how well their experience went with that particular breeder. Do this work in the beginning could save you a lot of time, money, and heartache later.


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