Parasitology is a branch of biology that specializes in studying parasites, their hosts and the relationship between parasites and hosts.

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Is a leech a human parasite?

Yes, because it sucks human blood.


Do you get lice on your armpits?

Human lice are of 3 types

1 , Head lice living in head being most common ,

2 , Pubic lice living in pubic hair

3 , Body lice can live in body hair including armpits .

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What is monocystis?

Several species of Monocystis are parasitic in the seminal vesicles of the earthworm. They belong to the class Sporozoa and are placed in the order Gregarinida.

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Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

Can rubbing alcohol kill sperm?

Absolutely - but don't try to use it as a contraceptive. It's too voltile (evaporates too quickly) and isn;t good for the mucous membranes.


Is there any parasite bigger than its host?

It is very unlikely because the parasite can not benefit from the host if it was larger than the host.


What eats pond leeches?

There are many different kinds of leeches so it is hard to give an exact answer. Reported predators of leeches include fish, birds, garter snakes, newts, salamanders, insects, snails and amphipods.


Is dodder a total parasite?

Dodder is a total parasite . It is because the dodder plants absorbs water,mineral as well as food from the host. A partial parasite absorbs only water and minerals from the host as partial parasites contain chlorophyll.

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Head Lice

Does rubbing alcohol kill lice?

Yes - That's why they soak brushes in it at salons.
No. Go to WalMart or a local drug store and get the products made to kill lice.
No. Go to the drugstore and get the shampoo made just for this.
Yes. According to a reliable source, rubbing alcohol is the most effective and cheapest way to get rid of head lice.
After battling lice for 4 months I tried rubbing alcohol. I have to say it worked! It is the only thing that has worked after many bottles of nix, rid, and lice md.


What is the definition of parasite?

-A parasite is an organism that benefits from a close prolonged relationship with its host, which is harmed.

The parasite grows, feeds, or uses shelter of the host organism (including the host itself) contributing negatively to the relationship.

== == * A parasite is an organism that has a deleterious symbiotic relationship with another organism or host species. The parasite usually lives on or in the host and needs the host for energy and nutrients to survive. A flea or tick is a parasite. Bacteria can be parasitic. Mistletoe is a parasite. Parasites sometimes cause the eventual death of the host although not always, and this can lead to the parasites demise if it cannot leave or find a new host. On a humorous note I like to think of lawyers as parasites. * From Latin sēnsū lātō ("'in the broad sense'"). A parasite is an organism that has a deleterious symbiotic (Symbiosis (Gr. for "living together")) relationship with another organism or "host" species during one, several, or all of the stages of it's life cycle. The parasite usually lives on or in the host and needs the host for energy and nutrients to survive. An organism can(but not always) have multiple hosts sometimes a new one specific for a particular stage in the parasites life cycle. Parasitism is a special case of symbiosis in which only one species benefits. Mutualism and commensalism are the other two cases.

* From Latin sensu stricto ("in the narrow sense").From Latin parasitus < Greek παράσιτος (parasitos), "'person who eats at the table of another'")

* 1. (biology) A (generally undesirable) living organism that exists by stealing the resources produced/collected by another living organism. Lice, fleas, ticks and mites are widely spread parasites. 2. (pejorative) A person who relies on other people's efforts and gives little back (originally a sycophant).

* Parasite: An organism that absorbs nutrients from the body fluids of living hosts. * Parasitism: A symbiotic relationship in which the symbiont(parasite) benefits at the expense of the host by living either within the host(endoparasite) or outside the host(ectoparasite). -Campbell, Reece, Mitchell. Biology 5th Edition (Glenview, Illinois: Addison Wesley Longman, 1999)

* 'A parasite is an organism that lives on or inside another organism to the detriment of the host organism' -Wikipedia For a list of human parasites: Examples of parasites: 1) Animal/insect parasites [aphids] 2) Plant parasites

a parasites lives in a close relationship with another organism it's host and causes it harm

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What is an example of a parasite relationship?

an example would be a flea and a dog. The flea drinks the dogs blood, but does nothing beneficial for the dog.


What are parasites?

Parasites are living organisms that live and feed on an organism's or host's body. They jump from one host to the other damaging the body as they go along the most common carriers like mosquitoes and tick which are never harmed by these parasites.

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The circumference of container lid?

It depends on the size of the container...


An intermediate host is an organism in which a parasite?

reproduces asexually.


Can you see a parasite?

not with your eye

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How do parasites enter the body?

Parasites, such as tapeworms, enter the body through ingestion of food, soil or water that has been contaminated with human or animal feces. In many cases, it is the egg of the tapeworm that is ingested.

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What is an example of a parasite?

A tick.

AnswerA tapeworm. AnswerA mite.
Tapeworms, Heartworms, Pinworms, and roundworms.
A worm living inside of a human-being.

: Here are a few links of good information about parasites: : : (really good) : : : (really good) : :
Head lice etc...etc...
tape worms
a tick, and other stuff like that...

Ectoparasites: ticks, fleas, lice, mites, kissing bugs

Endoparasites: Tapeworms, Nematodes, Trematodes, Acanthocephalans..
Some examples of parasites are:

  • flies
  • ticks
  • hookworms
  • heart worms
  • mosquitoes

One example of a parasite is a ringworm. This parasite burrows underneath human or animal skin and forms a ring just under the skin that irritates and itches the host. The ringworm feeds on the blood and tissue it attaches itself to. It spreads from host to host and essentially breeds via contact (touch) with other human or animal hosts.

Will a clothes dryer kill lice on clothes?

yes it will kill lice on clothes. a way to prevent lice if someone inur house has it is by puttin mayonase in your hair. it can be difficult to get and get rid of lice for all different cases. pick thesolution that fits what your problem is.


Why are virus's like parasites?

viruses are like parasites, organisms that live on or in a host and cause it harm.

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What is importance of statistics in zoology?

In any study, statistics play a major role in understanding the significance of the matter being investigated. In any aspect there are vairables and hypotheses that you need to find out their significance by using statistics and this is very important in biological as well as in social science. In Zoology statistic help in analyzing the behavior of the animal, it's physiological change or adaptation as well as any other aspects regarding the environment or the ecology which has an impact (positive or negative) on the individu.

Why is parasite control practiced on livestock farms?

Because their might small bugs and insects on the farm animals.


Do you have to shave off your hair if you have lice?

no, if you go to the doctor's office they will give you a special shampoo that will get rid of them. In order to get fully rid of head lice you should wash all pillow cases, covers, or anything that you touched or layed on.

Answer 2

Yes , as shaving off hair eliminates lice habitat hence it is most effective , but lice combs and shampoos are also use full .


What does parasite mean in Latin?

parasite means a fungus who takes something from the source, but does not give back.. its a non simbiotic relationship

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How do you dilute rubbing alcohol?

ask mickey mouse

Head Lice

Can people get duck lice?

Lice is Lice. It is transferred between humans and animals.

not true duck lice die before penetrating human skin they cause a rash swimmers itch


Has Peyton roi list ever had lice?



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