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Questions about the wingless parasites that carry diseases and that infest hair. This is a problem that everyone deals with in their life. Here you can find out why we get them and how to get rid of them.

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Head Lice

Is it better to dye your hair when it is clean or when it is dirty?

While there is some controversy about this question, it is a fact that it takes longer for the chemicals to break through dirt to perform the reaction desired. If the hair is not too dirty, the dirt will help protect the scalp from the sometimes harsh reaction to the skin. "Too dirty" is a relative term, and includes styling products and processes.

If your hair has been washed within 3 days and you have not used a whole can of hairspray on it, then you do not need to re-wash your hair prior to coloring it. It will not affect the chemical process.

They say when you're hair is dirty the hair color comes out better. But maybe they mean by when you've put some products in your hair or something, and haven't washed it in like a day or so.
When its dirty! When you apply dye to the newly washed hair shaft it WILL take BUT by washing it you have stripped it of all its natural oils WHICH is better to have present on the hair in order for the dye to adhere easier. If you've ever had your hair dyed at a salon you'll have noticed that they NEVER EVER wash the hair first, they just start applying it no matter WHAT dirt or products have built up on it. So nevermind what the over-the-counter drug store hair dye instructions recommend, DIRTY is better!!!

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What is the difference between dandruff and nits?

Dandruff is a skin condition of the scalp that causes flakes to appear and is marked by itching. When your body renews the skin cells in your scalp, the old, dead ones are pushed to the surface. In some people, the body renews the skin cells too frequently for the old ones to be shed inconspicuously, causing a mass amount of dead skin to gather on the scalp, resulting in the condition known as dandruff.

Nits are head lice eggs. Coincidentally, having head lice can actually cause or increase flaking of the scalp, resulting in or worsening a case of dandruff. You can recognize nits because they are attached to the hairshafts and are usually present closer to the scalp. They do not comb out easily, and even when pinched between two fingers and tugged on may still be difficult to remove.

Dandruff, on the other hand, comes out easily and is flat. If you can scratch your scalp gently or brush your hands through your hair and white flakes fall out, it is dandruff. If there are white spots clinging to your hair and you cannot seem to remove them, they are most likely nits.

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How long can lice live off the human body?

1 to 2 days after is leave the host

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Why do you have to wash bed linen after head lice?

Off of a human's head lice cannot not live past 24-48 hours. Therefore, when they have fallen off onto your pillows, blankets, sheets, stuffed animals, etc. they may still be there (alive) after you have treated your hair. So to prevent getting head lice back into your hair, it is best to wash your bedding and dry them thoroughly. Lice and nits will die in temperatures higher than 138 degrees.

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Can head lice live on dyed hair?

Head lice can live on any color or length of hair....they don't like color treated hair but they will infest it.

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Can humans get head lice from ferrets?

Head lice cannot live on animal blood, only human blood, and will die within 24 hours of leaving the human head, so it is unlikely. However, if even one does end up on your animal by happenstance, and you interact with your pet within a 24 hour period, it is possible to get the head lice back into your hair where it can lay eggs. For the sake of caution then, it may be wise not to allow your pets on your beddings or furniture such as your sofa until at least24 hours after your last hair treatment, and to change clothes after interacting with your pet.

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Does using hair grease prevent lice?

Yes hair grease does acctually prevent lice in your head. It is just like oil and makes your head oily, which lice and nits do not like

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Can you get your haircut with lice?

Yes you can its not impossible you know

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Can a hair straightener kill head lice?

No, you need to get an insecticide. It's possible heated implements may kill a few, but you'd never get them all and the eggs are laid too close to the scalp anyway.

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What looks like a head lice but has wings?

The flying head louse.

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Can you kill head lice with dandruff shampoo?

Yes, depending on the quality of your shampoo!

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Do lice like hair oil?

No. Lice do not like hair oil because they can't latch onto the hair follicle. It's just like if you were going to try to turn a greasy doorknob.

Lice can normally be found on the scalp behind the ears and right above the neck because hair is naturally less greasy in those places.

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How do you kill book lice?

The booklice need warm, damp dark places where mold is growing for food. First remove the mold, then remove the source of moisture, keep the area where the book lice are extremely dry and aired out. A dehumidifier and raising the temperature in the home will increase evaporation of the water source, Try to get the areas where the lice are into the sun light on the area.

Many pesticides containing pyrethrin or cyfluthrin are available as aerosol sprays, dusts, or emulsifiable concentrates and can be used to kill booklice, as well. Make sure that the pesticide you choose is labeled for crawling insects like booklice, and don't spray or apply pesticides near food or places children play.

Head Lice

What do lice like?

they like to suck human blood from the (scalp) head. When they bite and suck the blood, you feel itchy.

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What time of year do most people get lice?

i have no idea please someone help us answer this question

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Can an exterminator get rid of head lice?

Not likely. Exterminators are not equipped to deal with insects that live on the human body, but rather insects and pests that live within the home. Even if an exterminator WERE equipped to do such things, if even one person in your household has one living lice on them, it is possible for that one bug to re-infest your entire home.Therefore, I would say no. An exterminator cannot get rid of lice. However, you can do it quite easily (and very cheap) simply by washing all of your bedding and clothing, vacuuming your carpets and furniture (anything with a cloth on it as well as curtains if you have small children in your home), the seats in your vehicle, and any stuffed animals, headphones and helmets you may have. Head lice can survive for up to 24 hours off of the human head, mostly on cloth or fur surfaces as well as soft styrofoam and materials of the like.

Run these items through the dryer as well for an extended period of time, as lice and nits will die when exposed to temperatures equal to or over 138 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to boil all of your brushes, combs and hair clips in a pot of hot water thoroughly, as well as saturate your hair with dawn dish soap, mayonnaise, or olive oil (they are all very effective and cheap, though sometimes difficult to wash out.) It would be best to leave whichever one you use in for two hours with a shower cap, which you can pick up at most beauty stores for a dollar or so, but you can also simply tie a grocery bag around your head! (WARNING: DO NOT USE VASELINE OR PETROLEUM JELLY ON YOUR HAIR. IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO WASH OUT. Petroleum jelly/vaseline is meant to lock out moisture to prevent chapping or raw skin, meaning that even if you try to wash it out of your hair, moisture will not penetrate it well.)

While it's suffocating the lice and nits, do your vacuuming and washing of beddings, furniture, etc. and then wash it out. Comb through your hair thoroughly afterward with a lice comb.

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What color are nits?

When they have a lice growing inside them, they appear either brown or dark green. However, when they are dead or empty (for the most part) they are white or translucent. Hope that helps. =)

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Does lice eat clean hair?

Lice don't eat hair, period. They prefer the human scalp as a place to lay their eggs. Whether a person's hair is gleaming or filthy makes no difference to the lice.

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What would happen if rubbing alcohol was applied to the vaginal area?


There is no reason anyone should be asking this or DOING this.


I got razor burn from shaving and so i rubbed rubbing alcohol in the vaginal area and after a few days of doing so i got blisters, I'm looking for an answer to this question also.


It would hurt like mad, it is for sore muscles not delicate mucous membranes.


Use an over the counter hydrocortisone cream instead. NO alcohol wipes/rubbing alcohol.

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Can hair food kill lice?

Hair Food is, as far as I can tell, the brand name of a hair care product by Jell Pharma. It's not designed to kill lice; if it really could do this and could keep them from returning, then I feel certain they'd advertise the fact on their website.

It's possible that it could kill lice by smothering them, but this certainly wouldn't be a lasting solution; nowhere near as effective as real lice treatments like RID and similar products.

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Will vaseline kill lice?


You are thinking along the lines more regarding ticks. No, it wouldn't make a difference and you should see your doctor who will give you medication for this. Children can come home from school with lice in their hair and it's contagious. With the proper medication (generally a medicated shampoo) you can get rid of the lice quite quickly. It's important the whole family shampoo their hair.


I am a Nurse Practitioner. In answer to your question, yes, in theory, vaseline could kill lice. It would smother them. But you would have to put it over your entire head and all the hair. It would be messy, sticky and hard to get the nits out. It is better to use mayonnaise. I have recommended this to patients before for stubborn lice infestations. It washes out better than vaseline and makes it so the nits slip out. Put the mayonnaise on at night. Cover the entire head. Cover with saran wrap or shower cap. Sleep with it on head. Wash hair in the morning. Be sure to comb out all nits with a good nit comb. Nit combs can be bought at your local drug store.


Vaseline can kill lice, but it's use is really messy and hard. I will suggest you to use Cetaphil for the treatment of Head Lice. Cetaphil is easy to use and can remove all the lice from your head in just one wash. Cetaphil is a famous treatment for head lice problem. you can order Cetaphil from Chemist Direct to enjoy a great discount on it.
Cetaphil should be gently applied to your entire head and than it should be left to dry, you can also use hair dryer to dry it. After drying you should wash your head with a good shampoo and comb your hair. Cetaphil is really a good solution to remove lice from your head.

Yes, It will smother them. My mother did this to my sister when she was a child. She had a medical condition and could not use the regular treatments. But she also used heat in conjunction with it. After she has washed out all the Vasleline she used a curling iron to kill the knits. Yes it takes time but its worth it.
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What is Head Sparing?

Head sparing is the process of protecting the infant brain during times of inadequate nutrition. It is the process of using stored nutrition in the baby's fat to protect the brain, so that even if the body stops growing due to insufficient nourishment, the brain will be protected, or "spared".

Head Lice

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In Spain because the land level is higher. You can tell this by looking at a physical map.


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