Pirates have been robbing and pillaging since ancient times. Some better known pirates are Blackbeard, Jose Gaspar, Sir Francis Drake, Henry Morgan and Captain William Kidd. Although piracy was in its hay day between the 17th and 19th centuries, it is still being battled against today.

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History of Maritime
War and Military History

What was the pirates telescope called?

A spyglass


What are pirates favorite color?

Black and red!!!!

English to Spanish

What is the word for a pirate's girlfriend?

Back in high school my history teacher asked us this question once, and after much debate back and forth and no agreement that there was a single word that answered the question, the class agreed on the phrase "Corsair Wench"

Word and Phrase Origins

What is a pirates gun called?

A pistol


What did it mean to sack someone during pirate times?

Sack means to loot or pillage, take everything of value that can be taken. Often there is general mayhem and destruction involved but not always.

Ancient History

How long ago did pirates live?

pirates are still here today.


Did any famous pirates wear an eye patch?

Actually yes they did. The reason wasn't because they lost that eye but for fighting on a ship. When they would go below deck, they would move the patch from the eye that was covered to the eye that was in the light. The eye that was covered was already acclimated to the dark. They wasn't blinded by going from bright sunlight into darkness.
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What is a leader called of a pirate crew?

the leader of a pirate crew was called the captain


What do pirates call their treasure?

Pirates call their treasure booty.

Musical Instruments

What instruments do pirates play?

Either nothing or possibly a flute related instrument or an accordion.


When a pirate says parlay what does that mean?

Parlay is, according to the Code of the Brethern, set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew, part of the pirate's code that allows a captured party the right to be taken to a ship's captain unharmed.

If a pirate is captured by an enemy, he has the right to declare parlay, or temporary protection, until he may have an audience with the enemy captain. The term "parlay" likely comes from the French verb, "to speak" ie parler. Parlez means to speak to someone. In this case, that someone is the Captain.

At this point, he cannot be harmed. Parlay's not considered concluded until said captives and captains have completed negotiations. More specifically, until negotiations have ended - or until "negotiations have broken off".

History of the Middle East
Barack Obama

Is the pirate Bile Hussein any kin to President Obama?

Probably not. President Obama is of American and Kenyan heritage while Bile Hussein is Somali. In addition, Hussein is Obama's Middle Name and thus a given name (as opposed to a surname) and does not indicate family lineage whereas Hussein in Bile Hussein does indicate family lineage. Furthermore, Hussein is an incredibly common surname in the Moslem world (it comes from the name of Mohammed's grandson and means "beneficent").

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Why did pirates fly fake flags?

To get close to other ships that were flying the same flag before the other ship started running away.


Why do pirate wear eye patches?

Some people say its there to cover either a missing eye or an eye that was wounded in battle, but in actual fact it is conditioning their eye so they can fight in the dark. think about it, it takes an average human eye about 5-6 minutes to change to so called 'night vision', so if i pirate was fighting on deck in well lit light, then had to go under the deck to fight downstairs where it is usually pretty dark, 5-6 minutes is a long time to be swinging a blind sword when people are trying to kill you, so smart pirates would use an eye patch to prepare that eye to see in the dark, so when they would jump down into the dark, they would swap over the eye patch from one eye to the other and see with the eye that has already adjusted to low light conditions, therefore, granting them to see instantly in the dark.

Drama and Acting

Who owns the rights to Pirates of Penzance?

Pirates of Penzance is in public domain. This means no one owns the rights and you don't need to pay anyone or have anyone's permission to use it.

Jolly Roger

Was there a pirate ship named Jolly Roger?

== == == == The Jolly Roger was the pirate ship captained by James Hook in the 1904 children's classic novel, Peter Pan. In actual history, no. The Jolly Roger is the name for the pirate flag. Seems strange, but the buccaneers followed the international protocol of showing their "national ensign" when engaging in battle. Pirates used red on their flag's to indicate bloodshed, sometimes with skeletons and hourglasses as well. These flags were called Jolie Rouge (Pretty red one) by French pirates. In later days, when the skull and crossbones flags came into style they were referred to with the same name. A solid black or red flag was probably the most common, but many different designs were used. Some other people believe that Jolly Roger comes from the nickname given to the very successful pirate, who seized over 400 ships, Bartholomew Roberts, which was also "Le Jolie Rouge" == ==

The Difference Between

What is the difference between a smuggler and a pirate?

pirates illegally attack and raid ships for either hostages, money or valuable items. or any combination of the above. Some are very dangerous as they may suffer from mental problems where they are obssessed with killing/ violence. Some of the extremely dangerous hostage takers do not have demands. this means a peaceful negotiation cannot be achieved easily.

Smugglers however, do not attack or raid ships. They instead take say... a rifle and "smuggle" it through an airport, across a boarder or even into a museum so that the client who pays them to do this can pick it up on the other side so to speak.

Both of these acts/proffessions are against the law and carry a large , if not indeffinate sentence. DO NOT PARTICICATE IN ANY OF THE ABOVE ACTS

Not that you would or anything.


Do pirates have scurvy?

Scurvy is caused by lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in fresh fruit and vegetables, which is a problem on sea voyages as fresh food does not keep. Any long sea voyage could lead to scurvy, unless the pirates were drinking lime/lemon juice, or were keeping mostly to the coastline (so they could stop off often for supplies).


Where can you find information about the Florida pirate Billy Bowlegs?

AnswerNot a pirate but a Native American leader in the Seminole Wars:

The available evidence indicates that Billy Bowlegs was part of a ruling Seminole family and that his emergence as a primary leader of his people during the second Seminole War (1835-1842) was due in large part to his birth. But Bowlegs also earned his rank, and it was thanks to his skill in negotiation and delay tactics that his people were able to withstand for many years, efforts to force their removal from Florida to the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma).

Ultimately the pressure for removal became too great. After leading his people in the Third Seminole War (1855-1858), Bowlegs finally agreed to take them to the Indian Territory. Shortly after the Civil War broke out in 1861, he turned to protecting his new home from Confederate attempts to control it, and spent his last years serving as captain in the Union Army's First Indian Regiment.

Yes This is True but there was another Billy Bowlegs check this out.

The year is 1779. Adventurer, wanderer, scoundrel, pirate extraordinaire, and notorious bad boy, William Augustus Bowles, affectionately known as Billy Bowlegs, bursts on the scene. A charismatic leader of men uses his egotistical ambition and superior strength of will for self gain.

Bowles originally came to Pensacola with British forces to hold Pensacola from the Spanish. When the effort failed, he developed an undying hatred for the Spanish visitors. At this time, three countries were vying with the new Americans for control of the sea lanes and trade with Europe. Pursuing his idea of an American Indian state after the end of the American Revolution, Bowles managed to get himself received by King George III as 'Chief of the Embassy for Creek and Cherokee Nations' and it was with British backing that he returned to the Bahamas to train Creek Braves as pirates to attack Spanish ships.

Motley crews in the area were a force to be reckoned with and pirating became a very lucrative business on the high seas. As Bowles' popularity rose, his opponents became more distrustful and vowed to stop at nothing to get him under their control. Resistance came form all sides: the English became afraid Bowles was an agent for the Spanish, the Spanish offered him a Maj. General commission to "change sides" (and later offered $6000 and 1500 kegs of rum for his capture when he refused) and the Americans considered murder to be rid of his devilish activities.

He was briefly captured by the Spaniards. He managed to escape, commandeering a ship and returning to the Gulf of Mexico. In 1795, along with the Seminoles, he formed a short-lived state in northern Florida known as the "State of Muskogee", with himself as its president, and in 1800 declared war on Spain.

In 1803, not long after having declared himself 'Chief of all Indians' at a trial council, he was betrayed by disenchanted Indians. They led him into a trap and turned him over to the Spanish authorities. He was imprisoned in Havana where he would neither speak to his captors nor eat their food and subsequently starved to death at the age of 42. This obscure episode in American history has given rise to a festival which is now an integral part of the Fort Walton Beach Community, the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival.

..........the year is 2009. Very soon local residents will batten down the hatches in preparation for the invasion of the infamous yet ever popular, Captain Billy Bowlegs. Captain Billy Bowlegs, along with his Queen, has been spotted at several local schools trying to persuade local youngsters to join his Motley Krewe. Captain Billy and his Krewe plan to invade Fort Walton Beach at the 54th Annual Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in June at Fort Walton Landing. Although Captain Billy's record stands at 53 wins and 0 losses, nothing is a sure thing when it comes to the city militia. The Fort Walton Beach Mayor and his brave Militia are not about to give up control of the city without a fight. Reports also say the militia has a secret weapon in store for those spineless thieves.

History of Maritime
Mayflower (ship)

How old is the oldest pirate ship?

When we think of pirates, we think of Long John Silver. Piracy (the verb) has been around for thousands of years. Vikings did it too. Around 1800 the US Navy took the lead at stopping piracy on the high seas, so other than a few crooks, all that is left is the lore.

Probably one day younger than the oldest ship. Think about it. Theives are older than hookers.

There were already pirates in Antiquity.


What is the name of a modern day pirate?

They're still called pirates. Sure there are the Somali Pirates but those are just where the pirates are from.

They don't only occur in Somalia, Nigeria, Taiwan, China anywhere there is a poor country with a coastline you will find pirates. however modern pirates come armed not with cutlasses but with rocket launchers and AK74's, and they're not after the ship or cargo, they're after the crew.

Unfortunately Merchant vessels are not permitted to be armed (At least British registered ones aren't.

Peter Pan

How did the pirates get into neverland?

first of all, for those of you who dont know, hook wasn't originaly on the crew that ariived in neverland. hook arrived in neverland the first time peter did. the original crew of pirates, came in using what is called a magic time orb. this orb was nothing more than a glass orb filled with fairy dust or mineral dust. this is also how hook got into neverland for the first time. he then became a part of the crew as their captain during the great war bewteen the indians and the pirates. for the record, this is a part of the story that took place before peter met wendy. unless you read the books, you may not be aware of any of this. hope this helped. :)

Who Would Win

Who would win in a fight between ninjas and pirates?

An overviewIf you mean physical strength, then most likely pirate. In hand-to-hand combat, however, a ninja would most likely win. Pirates are better with guns and the like, but ninjas are experts at throwing knives. Pirates last longer in a drawn out fight, where as ninjas strike silently and quickly. The victor in a fight would depend on several factors, so in the end it depends. NinjasThe ninjas could obviously kill the pirates without a doubt - land or water battle. The ninjas would sneak onto the boat, or into the camp, and quickly and easily assassinate all of the pirates. The pirates have no defenses against poison darts and shurikens/ninja star flying at their faces/necks at high speed. The ninjas would also win without the element of surprise. If there was a sword battle to take place, the ninjas would win with their greater skill in wielding a blade (coming from a lifetime of practice), their sobriety, and their greater speed (also coming from a lifetime of practice). The only way a pirate might stand a chance against a ninja would be if the pirate were to pull a gun and fire his single shot. So all in all, the ninjas are better - hands down. One major reason: speed and stealth.

Ninjas are probably more powerful than pirates because although pirates have guns and swords, ninjas are stealthy and would never be seen by a pirate in the first place, and then the ninja (like most ninjas) carry out a silent assassination. The pirate would never know what hit him/her. What ninjas lack in special weapons, they excel in stealth and ability.

Ninjas obviously. They know kung-fu.

Ninjas are cool for learning martial arts and studying the arts of jujitsu, kung

fu, martial arts, and karate. Also, Ninjas are trained to fight for self defense and not for evil!

Def. Ninjas they are quiet and stealth like so they could just sneak attack and beat them.

Oh and remember that one word that the ninjas have nothing to fight?

Ninjas did have guns, they didn't like to use them but they did if they had to.

Ninjas would win because they're usually sober and stealthy unlike pirates. For more proof ask if us ninjas wear underwear. That will be all . . . ninja out ninjas wear underwear?

Ninjas, of course - pirates massacred. They're not that agile compared to ninjas ya know. Ninjas are trained assassins and experts in their own cohort plus pirates use huge scary weapons easy to dodge....

PiratesGood question but a pirate would be stronger because they have determination.

Pirates are way better for these reasons: They get the girls, they have guns, and the drink a lot of rum. What more can you ask for?

Plus pirates get booty. Although, while most of that is true, you must keep in mind the fact the pirates are out at sea for years at a time...with lots and lots of men.

They are cool if you are all for the blowing up others ships, and stealing because there are still pirates till this day and they live in the Atlantic ocean and that is all they do.

Pirate. Let me break it down for ya: Ninja=Martial arts, Dazzling moves. Pirate=Flintlock pistol.... Nuff' said.

If they were just walking along and ran into each other the pirate would win. Ninjas are based more on stealth well, as we all know, Pirates are more hand-to-hand on a normal basis. The Pirate would kill the ninja.

The fact is that no real ninjas exist in fairyland (pirates still do, by the way). Look in the news. How often do you hear about walloping kangaroos in the news? And what about pirates? All the time antidisestablishmentarianism is on the rise. And no one can dodge a hamster; that's just plain dumb. A bullet flies at over 1 mph a fat human being could never move that fast. It is physically impossible.

Hello are you nuts? Do you know what ninjas were? They were petty thieves they have all that stealth training because they waited in the bamboo forests for caravans to come and they would ambush them. So morally they are no better than Pirates so the whole good not evil thing is horsh crap. And Hello Pirates have lived on there ship for years! They know every nook and cranny, so then while the ninjas wandered around the pirates would be the ones hiding and sneaking up on the ninjas!

Pirates would win because they have guns and swords and Ninjas don't have anything except there karate moves.

GUNS!And there still are some ninjas out there today; they are called... the FBI! (Just kidding). There are still ninjas out there somewhere. Summary...Whether one is better than the other, or if they are equal in prowess, is just personal opinion.

Did pirates have a code of conduct?

Yes. Many pirates (at least the successful ones) came from a life in the military and were well trained. Their captains had to be voted in by the crew, earnings were fairly divided, and there were punishments in place for anyone that breeched the ships standing orders.


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