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Rescue teams on Mount Everest use manpower. If you are very high up then there is a high chance you will not get rescued, this is because it is hard enough to survive in the thin air without having to struggle carry/moving someone else down the mountain.

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How do communities on Mount Everest get food?

Teams on Mount Everest use local food where possible brought in by there cook. They also ship tons of food over from there own country.

How do humans use the mount Everest?

We use Mount Everest for climbing and mountaineering.

How do people use Mount Everest?

The main use for people on Mount Everest is climbing/mountaineering.

Why mount Everest is called as junkyard?

Mount Everest use to be called a junk yard because of the amount of rubbish climbers use to leave behind on the mountain. Today this has improved a lot with teams going there just to bring rubbish down.

What do people use mount Everest for?

Mount Everest is used by people for climbing and mountaineering.

Which people use Mount Everest?

People from all around the world use Mount Everest for mountaineering/climbing.

Landforms that start with an e?

Use Mount Everest but just take off the Mount Part and use Everest

How do people use mt Everest?

People use Mount Everest for climbing

How many oxygen canisters are on mount Everest?

This is hard to answer, there use to be many hundreds of canisters dumped in different camps on Mount Everest but today there are dedicated teams whos job it is to bring down any rubbish like this they find.

Did Edmund Hillary use oxygen when climbing mount Everest?

Edmund Hillary did use artificial oxygen on Mount Everest when going for the summit.

What happens to waste on mount Everest?

Any waste, human and food, is brought down off the mountain by the expedition teams. Mount Everest is a lot cleaner now than it use to be. Climbers would just leave there waste or bury it under snow but today teams must bring it all down with them.

What language do the people at Mount Everest use?

There are lots of languages used on Mount Everest. It depends what countries are there to climb the mountain.

Is there water on mount Everest?

Expeditions on Mount Everest do not take any water with them. They melt the snow and ice that is on the mountain to use as there water.

How much debri is on Everest?

There use to be a lot of debri/rubbish on the slopes of Mount Everest but over the last few years there have been dedicated climbing teams whos sole purpose is to bring down as much rubbish as they can.

When does oxygen run out on mount Everest?

Your oxygen tank can run out anytime during your climb on Mount Everest. It all depends on how much you use it and how heavy your breathing is.

Why is the summit of mount Everest difficult to reach?

The hardest part of climbing Mount Everest is getting use to the high altitude. The mountain itself is not a technical climb.

How would you generate power to use on mount Everest?

All expeditions that go to Mount Everest take there own portable generators with them which gives them electric at Base Camp.

How do people who live by Mount Everest survive?

Nearly everybody who lives by Mount Everest survives. The people who live in the surrounding villages are use to the extreme weather in that region.

What ski did Davo Karnicar use to ski Mount Everest?


Why do they have camps on Mount Everest?

There are camps on Mount Everest to allow the climber to sleep at. It is near impossable to climb Everest in one go. It can take weeks for the climber to get use to the thin air before making there attempt on the summit.

Why do you need oxygen when climbing mount Everest?

Climbers use bottled oxygen on Mount Everest to help them breathe more easily because the higher you climb the less oxygen there is.

Did Tim McCartney climb Mount Everest in 1984?

Tim Macartney-Snape reached the summit of Mount Everest on the 3rd October 1984 without the use of artifical oxygen.

Who was first Indian WOman to climb mount Everest without oxygen?

As of date, 2016 there has been no Indian woman who had reached the summit of Mount Everest without the use of oxygen.

What technology did Edmund Hillary use on the climb to Mount Everest?

an oxgen and a bakeerathan

Does the temperature change at night on Mount Everest?

Like anywhere on earth, as soon as the sun goes down use loose the heat, so yes it does get colder at night on Mount Everest.