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What do the table officials do?


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Officials at the table are responsible for keeping track of points, fouls, and time.

In netball fouls are called contact and these are not kept recorded. It is up to the umpire to penalise a player if they believe they are contacting too much. This means that the table officials only keep track of the score, time and sometimes even who's centre pass it is.


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Table tennis officials are as follows: 1) Tournament Referee 2) Match Umpire 3) Assistant Umpire 4) Line Judge (optional)

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To officiate the game by: Calling Lets and stuff

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They usually wear smart clothing like; a blazer and Trousers. They are not allowed to wear the same colour as the table.

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11 officials 1-refree 1-assistant refree 1-scorer 1-table official 1-commissionerof match 6-lines judges

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