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First, the doctor will talk to you about your sexual history. They will leave the room while you undress. Once they return, they will do an examination of your breasts to check for lumps. The docter will ask you to place your feet in the stirrups and lay down with you butt at the very edge of the examination table and then they will examine the vulva for any irregularities or indications of illness. Then, they insert an instrument called a speculum into the vagina so they can see the cervix. They will take a swab sample of the fluid/tissue there. Finally, the doctor will remove the speculum and insert two fingers and press down on your stomach to feel that everything is normal.

The doctor should explain everything they are going to do before/as they are doing it. If you do not feel comfortable, you have the right to request a nurse's presence.

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Will the gyno allow your fiancé in the exam room with you?


When do you get your first gyno exam?

Typically at the time you start Puberty.

Is it OK to get a gyno exam while on your period?

It's A TON better if you schedule your gyno exam after or before you period. Talk to your doctor and she if they want you to wait until you end your period or just come in.

What can be the cause of bleeding after a gynecological exam?

It means your gyno did a bunk job. Get a new one.

Can a GYNO tell if your a virgin?

Yes they can. No hymen would be there. They can also telll the last time you had sex and how soon it was before the exam.

Will the gyno allow your fiancé to accompany you in the exam room?

i really cant help you its ur work u should know

What is a gyno exam?

When a female goes see her gynecologist, the doctor will perform some tests to make sure that her reproductive system is healthy.

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Am 23 dnt have children and have a problem with my period witch can take 4-6 months without having 1 and maybe aftter that i will have a heavy period which can last for more than 3 it normal?

No it is not normal...You need to go in to your Gyno and talk with them about and have a could be a range of things.It would best to to talk to your gyno about it.

What does the perineum look like?

the perenium is the part betewen the vaginal opening and the anal opening. you can see what it looks like on this video of a lady having a gyno exam

How do you get a marble out of your vagina?

I suggest you go to a gyno.

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What do you need to do for a pap smear?

Just be clean and go to a gyno.

Can you pregnant when you take multivitamins?

Only if it is prescribed by your Gyno-OB.

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What can you do for migraines while pregnant?

Tylenol is the only med my gyno recommended

When is the best time for a girl to see a gyno?

I would say when a girl turns 18 or when they become sexually active. So if they are having sex when their 15 then they need to go to the gyno even though their not 18 yet.

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What happens at a teenagers first gyno exam?

you will be checked of your vital symptoms such as temp , weight and height . you will be asked to remove your clothes and the doctor will check your genitals . you will probably be asked about the history of your reproductive health about tour periods and all . the doctor will tell any medications u would have to take

If your period last for 10 days are you pregnant?

Usually if you have a period you are not pregnant...if it is a light period and not normal for you it could mean you are best to take a test if you are not sure or sched a exam with your gyno...but from my experiance, No even with i found out i was pregnant it was only after i bleed for less than a day and it was very very light.

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