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What do they do in a gyno exam?


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First, the doctor will talk to you about your sexual history. They will leave the room while you undress. Once they return, they will do an examination of your breasts to check for lumps. The docter will ask you to place your feet in the stirrups and lay down with you butt at the very edge of the examination table and then they will examine the vulva for any irregularities or indications of illness. Then, they insert an instrument called a speculum into the vagina so they can see the cervix. They will take a swab sample of the fluid/tissue there. Finally, the doctor will remove the speculum and insert two fingers and press down on your stomach to feel that everything is normal.

The doctor should explain everything they are going to do before/as they are doing it. If you do not feel comfortable, you have the right to request a nurse's presence.