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Q: What do two earthworms exchange during mating explain why?
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What do two earthworms exchange during mating?


Do earthworms have a placenta?

Nope - Earthworms are hermaphrodites - in that they have both male and female reproductive organs. During mating they exchange sperm - and lay eggs a few days later which hatch into tiny earthworms.

Where is navel of earthworm present?

It doesn't have one ! Earthworms are hermaphrodites - possessing male and female reproductive systems. During 'mating' they exchange sperm with each other. Subsequently, they both lay eggs which develop into tiny worms.

Why snakes and earthworms are kept in different groups?

Because they are completely unrelated animals ! Snakes have a skeleton composed of hundreds of individual bones... Earthworms have no skeleton at all. Earthworms are vegetarians - Snakes are carnivores. Earthworms are hermaphrodites. They possess both male & female reproductive organs. During 'mating' two worms simply exchange sperm with each other - Snakes need to mate with another snake of the same species but opposite gender in order to reproduce.

Do earthworms mate for life?

Earthworms do not mate for life. Mating of earthworms usually happen at night and on the surface. The process of copulation is separate from reproduction.

How do lions exchange gases?

by mating

What damage can happen to a male dog if separated during mating?

if a male is separeted during mating it can die

Where does gas exchange and water loss occur in plants?

By opening and closing the stomata on the underside of the leaves.

How does a peacock get pregnant without mating. Explain Process?

A peacock is male and a peahen is the female. A peahen cannot get pregnant without mating. The process includes the birds mating and then the female laying eggs.

During the mating season males out number the females by what ratio?

During the mating season Amphibians males out number the females by 10 to 1

What do Pandas do during mating season?

they mate

What is the saddle of a earthworm for?

It holds the male and female reproductive organs.