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No, they do not. A wave transfers energy but the matter does not move forward with the wave.

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energy, but not matter

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Q: What do waves carry from place to place?
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What do electo magnetic waves carry?

Electromagnetic waves always carry energy, and may alsocarry information, from place to place.

The energy produced by elctromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves carry energy from place to place, but they don't produce it. You have to produce the energy that you want them to carry.

When waves go from one place to another they carry?


What can carry energy from one place to another by periodic motions?

Ocean waves. Or, for that matter, any waves.

What do electromagnetic waves transport from one place to another?

Electromagnetic waves transport energy from one place to another. The energy carried by these waves can manifest as light, heat, or even radiation, depending on the frequency and intensity of the wave.

What do Light waves carry from place to place?

Light waves carry energy and momentum from place to place. They are electromagnetic waves that travel through space and can interact with matter, causing various effects such as heating, chemical reactions, and vision.

What do waves carry that is common to all waves?

All waves carry energy. This energy can be transferred from one place to another without transferring matter.

Why do waves carry?

waves carry by energy and the energy is gravatational

Do waves carry sound?

Yes, waves can carry sound. Sound is a type of wave that travels through a medium, such as air or water, by causing particles in the medium to vibrate. These vibrations are transmitted as waves and can be perceived as sound by our ears.

What are two types of waves that carry energy?

As far as I know, ALL waves carry energy.As far as I know, ALL waves carry energy.As far as I know, ALL waves carry energy.As far as I know, ALL waves carry energy.

What do waves carry as they move?

mechanical waves carry mechanical energy and electromagnetic waves carry electromagnetic energy.

Electromagnetic waves dont carry any matter what do they carry?

Electromagnetic waves carry energy and information. Energy is transferred through the oscillation of electric and magnetic fields, while information can be encoded in the frequency, amplitude, and phase of the wave.