What do we do when we draft?

"Draft" is a term used to describe a part of the writing process. Depending on the process at least two steps come before drafting. One is sometimes called brainstorming; this is when the writer gets ideas down on paper (some writers will tell you that this is done in their heads) about what he or she wants to write. The second is organizing; this is when the writer tries to take the thoughts from brainstorming and put them in to some coherent structure. Your high school English teacher will tell you to make an outline, but again, some writers don't use this step.

Drafting is when the writer actually begins writing sentences and paragraphs. They try to focus their topic and develop their ideas, seeing their work as something that will result in a coherent piece of writing that satisfies conventions of a particular form. Depending on how much work a writer does, he or she can have any number of drafts.

So, when we draft, we are simply writing in the form we intend our finished piece to take.