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Q: What do white strips in parking lot mean?
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What does estacionamiento mean?

estacionamiento: parking lot

What collor is a whale shark?

A greyish blue but, more grey then blue. They also have white spots and strips. Strips on the back and, a lot of spots on his head

How do you build a parking lot?

get alote of road, paint white, straight lines that a car can fit in

What does parking lot mean in french?

Parking lot does not exist in French.We say only parking to refer to a place where to park your car. (We should say 'parc de stationnement')The verb to park is garer (gah-reh) in french.Example: I will park my car on the parking lot = je vais garer ma voiture sur le parking

Whats the best game to play?

a car game named Parking Lot and Parking Lot 2 search for Parking Lot or Parking Lot 2

Did the white castle have car hops deliver food to your vehicle in the parking lot?

The sure did..if I'm not mistaken they and blue and white outfits!

How many levels are in parking lot 3?

There are 20 levels in parking lot 3 and also for paking lot 2 and parking lot has 15

Is it legal to cross a solid white line in an apartment parking lot?

It depends. If the parking lot is private property, normal traffic laws are not enforceable, so, legally, you can do whatever you want. If the parking lot is public property, then traffic laws apply, and you should obey them. That said, a solid white line is NOT a restriction under normal traffic laws; rather it is an advisory indicator. So, crossing a solid white line is technically legal even on public property.

How many handicap spots are there in as parking lot?

It depends on the size of a parking lot(=

What do you call a parking area?

a parking lot.

What is the duration of The Parking Lot Movie?

The duration of The Parking Lot Movie is 1.18 hours.

Where can I find remote parking for the Indianapolis airport?

Do you mean long term parking or offsite parking? At Indianapolis you can park in a remote lot for $5 per day if you grab a coupon online. I hope this works for you!