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What do wild mice eat?

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They eat almost anything except for foods with a high acidity level. Mainly they will eat grains, nuts, seeds, insects, roots.

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Do wild mice eat turkey meat?

Wild mice like bologna.

Will wild mice eat cheese?

sometimes they eat cheese but they are mostly preferred to eat peanut butter and bacon. Wild mice do eat allot of things but if these wild mice are babies they wont eat the cheese they will feed of their mums milk

What do wild rats and mice eat?

Wild mice and rats typically eat grains and seeds from plants in their natural habitat.

What do wild newborn mice eat?

Crush mice food or mice pellets

Do wild boars eat mice?

Yeah, boars will eat whole families of mice!

Do mice eat dandelion?

Wild mice will eat whatever is available to them, which includes dandelions. Certain mice are strictly carnivores and will only eat meat.

Can mice eat grass?

Mice can eat wild grass make sure it doesn't have poison in it. But don't let your mice eat green grass.

What roots do wild mice eat?


Do field mice eat berries?

Yes, wild field mice do eat berries. They eat blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Field mice will also eat a variety of seeds.

Do wild baby mice eat cheese?

No, baby mice to not eat cheese. They feed off of their mom's milk.

What type of meats do wild mice eat?


What does a wild owl eat during winter?

Wild owls are known for being predators of mice. They will continue to eat any mice that they find during the winter. They will also eat rats or bunnies.

Do mice have any predaters or pray?

well, nearly everything, even other mice will eat mice! but mice will also eat bugs in the wild so, they do have prey, and they do have predators!

What do mice eat in the wild?

they eat seeds, berries, roots, and nuts.

What red vegetables do adult wild mice eat?


What do mice in the wild eat?

They eat berries, fruits, leaves, nuts, seeds, and insects.

What do green tree snakes eat in the wild?

they eat mice and many other rodents.

Is it safe for our boa to eat field mice?

Sure it is. They eat them in the wild and much more.

Do bearded dragons eat live mice?

Are you talking wild or pet? Wild ones do. They are mostly scavengers when it comes to mammals, and prefer to eat infant mice, but the larger ones will hunt mice. As for pets, They will. You can feed them pinkie mice, dead or alive, but any other kind of mice might choke it.

Can you show me pictures of what wild or field mice eat?

They eat seeds & grains, along witth fruits, insects & small lizards. Some even eat frogs & tadpoles too. You can just do an internet search of 'wild mouse foods' or 'diets of wild mice'.

Why do the wild pigs eat mice and rats?

They eat this rodents because it is their food. If they don't eat these, then how will they live?

What do adult wild mice eat?

They eat meats and red vegetables and they also drink water.

What eats mice and rats?

Owls, snakes, most animals eat rats or mice but not something as big as a lion. Wild cats might eat them.

Do mice require calcium for bone development?

Of course. In the wild mice and rodents eat bones and antlers for calcium.

What does a wild corn snake eat?

A wild corn snake usually eats mice and small rats. They occasionally eat amphibians and lizards.

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