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What do women do every morning and men do only once in a lifetime?

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OK. This is lateral thinking here. And the to the question IS ......

Kiss the man in the bed next to them and say "Good morning"

Other s: Make the breakfast etc


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What can women do once in a lifetime?


What is the thing that women does it everyday and men does it only once in lifetime?

washing dishes

Is hajj every year?

Yes. Hajj is performed every year but it is obligatory ONCE in lifetime of a Muslim.

What one thing do girls do every day that boys do once in a lifetime?


Which thing boys do once in a lifetime and girls do every day?

probably shopping (:

What is the medical abbreviation meaning once a day in the morning?

qAM means every morning.qAM

What defines a once in a lifetime event?

Haileys comet. It passes by every 75 years, so unless you can live up to 150 years, you will only see it once in your lifetime.

Can you give me a sentence using once in a lifetime?

This job is a once in a lifetime opportunity.A once in a lifetime trip can be expensive.

How do you spell once in a lifetime?

That is the correct spelling of "once in a lifetime."

Which is correct an once-in-a-lifetime experience or a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

The second one a once-in-a-lifetime experience

How often do you have to feed chickens?

every morning at 5 am once a day

What is the name of the song that begins with the lyrics Once in every man's lifetime and ends with the line That once in a lifetime feeling has come over me?

So far as I know, it only appeared on an episode of "The Nanny".

What occurs twice in a lifetime but once in every year Twice in a week but never in a day?

The letter "e" because its twice in lifetime, once in year, twice in week, and never in a day

What do men do three times a day but women do it once in their whole lifetime?

Pee while standing up.

What occurs twice in a lifetime but once in every yearTwice in a week but never in a day?

the letter "e"

When is Thingee coming back to TVNZ?

Every once and a while he is on good morning

What gets filled every morning and emptied at night but once a year gets emptied in the morning and filled at night?

A stocking.

Why you perform hajj?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is obligatory on each Muslim man and women once in lifetime.

What is a good sentence with once in a lifetime in it?

Winning the jackpot in the lottery is a once in a lifetime event.

Why is hajj celibrated?

It is the fifth pillar of Islam. Hajj is obligatory on Muslims (men/women) once in lifetime provided they can afford.

What a Muslim is supposed to do once in a lifetime?

A Muslim is supposed to perform Hajj once in lifetime if he has the resources.

Do lobsters change gender every day?

No. Some species of lobster do, but it's generally a once-in-a-lifetime event.

What does a man do every day that a women does once a year?

Desire sex.

What do men do every day that women do only once on life?


Why do you do hajj?

Hajj (pilgrimage) is on of the 5 pillars in Islam. Every Muslim shall perform hajj at least once in their lifetime.