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Microsoft Points allow you to purchase digital downloaded content on your console. If you are talking about your achievement points those just are there to show gamers how much you have earned by playing games.

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Q: What do xbox live points get you?
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Why do you need Xbox Live Points?

Xbox live points (Microsoft points) are used to buy things in the Xbox live marketplace. Such as game add-ons!

How many weeks of Xbox live can you get with 1600 Xbox points?

you can't use points to buy xbox live membership. You have to buy them both seperately.

Where can you do surveys for Xbox Live points?

It's Xbox live rewards. It's not very many points but they add up.

How-to play Xbox live?

Hook it up to the internet, get some xbox live points and your there.

Do you need Xbox live points?

Only if you want to shop in the xbox live marketplace.

Do you lose your offline Xbox achievement points when connecting to Xbox live?


How do you buy Xbox 360 downloads on Xbox live?

you buy a card at a store for xbox live and enter a code. That code gives you points. With those points you can purchase downloads

How much is Xbox live for the original Xbox?

do you mean points, or the wireless connection?

Can you use gamer points on xbox live?

Unfortunately, no. The only ways to purchase Xbox LIVE is with an Xbox LIVE Membership Card that you purchase from a retailer or purchasing the Xbox LIVE from or your Xbox Dashboard.

Can you gift Xbox live points over Xbox live?

no you cannot, after you put the points on your account they can't be moved, or taken off, or given away.

Can you buy Xbox live with Microsoft points?

No, you cannot.

How much does 1500 xbox live points cost?

one thousand five hundred Microsoft points (Xbox live points) cost $25.99. Go the doggies. be hectic cuz

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