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crickets and mealworms

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Can yellow bellied slider eat fish?

Yes, yellow belly slider turtles can eat fish!

What does a hatchling yellow bellied slider eat in the wiled?

yellow bellied turtles eat fish food pellets ocean shrimp ,freeze dried river shrimp and krill.

Can baby yellow bellied sliders eat tomatoes?

ok heres the thing can a snake eat an insect whats your answer (yes) so the answer is yes a baby yellow bellied slider can eat a tomatoe

How smart is a baby yellow bellied slider turtle?

Turtles aren't exactly the smartest creatures; but they are smart enough to know about what to eat and hiding from predators and such. You can't really teach them tricks if that's what you're getting at ;)

What eats a yellow bellied flycatcher?

what do yellow bellied flycatchers eat

What does the yellow bellied sapsucker eat?

A yellow bellied sapsucker can eat small animals like-A miceLiquid from a treeA yellow bellied sapsucker can eat Insects like-A SpidersA FlyA GrassHopperA

What do yellow bellied sea snakes eat?

yellow bellied sea snakes eat small surface dwelling fish and eals.

Your turtle dont eat turtle food which is floating?

Well my friend has a baby yellow bellied slider and it doesn't eat it as it floats she has to pick him up and hold him next to the food and he will extend his neck to eat it!

Can baby turtles eat carrots'?

Yes. I have two yellow bellied sliders and their favorite food is carrots. But I have to cut them into small small pieces.

Can a goldfish live with 2 red ear slider?

Red ear slider turtles will eat goldfish. This is a natural food source for the turtles.

Will slider turtle eat goldfish?

Yes. My red ear slider turtles love to chase, catch and eat goldfish.

What do slider turtles eat?

Hey there, Slider turtles eat probably anything. My slider (RES) eats stix, meat, lettuce, krill, and dried up shrimp!! Hope you can answer some of my questions! Bugzly12- good luck with ur turtle

What can you feed your yellow bellied slider?

I have two yellow bellied sliders that love to eat freeze dried shrimp and just regular food pellets. They also really enjoy mealworms and crickets. I haven't tried feeding them small fish yet but I do plan on doing that soon. Hope this helps :)

Can red bellied turtles eat lettuce?

they cannot eat iceberg lettuce. it isn't good for them

What kind of fish won't a red eared slider eat?

red eared slider turtle do not eat sharks. despite there ability to practically devour anything the sharks are to big to attempt to attack it. hence turtles do not try to attack them and red eared slider turtles don't eat them. :)

Can red eared slider turtle eat goldfish?

These turtles eat just about anything they can get their mouths around. But they shouldn't eat goldfish because they are not good for the turtles.

Can red eared slider turtles eat onions?

No, however, red-eared slider turtles tend to be very open to any new type of food expect onions

Are red eared slider turtles interesting?

Yes red eared slider turtles can grow to be up to 11", but are usually only about 1" when born. They are omnivores and eat mainly veggies.

What eats Alabama red-bellied turtle?

Alligators eat Alabama red-bellied turtles. Hope I've answered your question! "Bye!"

What are the symptoms of Respiratory infections in a yellow bellied slider?

lethargy, not wanting to eat, floats/swims lopsided (this can be due to a collapsed or laboring lung), etc. i'm dealing with the same issue at this moment. good luck.

Can the fish live with the red eared slider baby turtle?

no fish can't live with turtles because the turtles will eat the fish.

What food do all turtles eat?

what Does Turtles eat?Turtles are herbivores.(they eat veggies)Some type of vegetable are lettuce or carrot. I DON`T RECOMMEND you to feed brocolli.You can feed them grape leaves. Also for fruits, you can feed them figs.Actually, depending on the type of turtle you're referring to, turtles in general ARE omnivores, if you include land, aquatic, and semi-aquatic turtles.Type 1:Land turtles/tortoises. Most species of this type are almost always herbivores. Examples include Box turtles and Harriet, the famous, formerly lived Galapagos turtle. (deceased in 2006)Type 2: Aquatic turtles. Depending on the species, they are carnivores, consisting of mostly meat, with a small percentage of vegetables. Examples include sea turtles such as Leatherbacks, and Loggerheads.Type 3: Semi Aquatic turtleThese kinds of turtles are mostly omnivores, meaning that they eat 50% of fruits and veggies and 50% meat, but this could depend on the environments that they live in. Hatchings tend to prefer a protein-based diet while older turtles tend to lean towards a more vegetarian-based diet. Examples include map turtles, painted turtles, and many pond slider species such as Red Eared Slider, and Yellow-Bellied slider.http://animal.discovery.com/guides/reptiles/turtles/feeding.html

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