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Two shapes that are the same shape and size are congruent.


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You call figures with the same shape and size as congruent shapes. I hope this helped.

Shapes that are the same except for their size are called "similar".

Two shapes that are the same size and same shape are said to be congruent. They can still vary in mass.

congruent shapes are the same shape and size... i think

Similar shapes are the same shape and not the same size but congruent shapes are exactly alike

Congruent shapes are two shapes that are the same (angles, size perimeter/circumference)

a parallelogram that has the same shape but not the same size called "similar". This means the angles are equal in both shapes but the sides are different.

A figure that has both same size and shape is congruent.

Congruent figure(s) (shapes) are two figures that have the same size AND shape.

Geometric shapes that are identical in size and shape are congruent.

Similar shapes have the same shape,but different size. The corresponding sides are proportional.

Two geometric shapes are similar if they have same size,shape, side lengths,and angles.

yes they are it just has to be same size and shape

A 2 inch by 4 inch, but they are not congruent because they aren't the same size.A congruent shape means the same size and same shape.

All congruent shapes have to be are the same size and shape. If you cut lots of cookies with the same cookie cutter then they all would be congruent.

Yes because to be similar the shapes need to have the same ratio of sides and similar angles. To be congruent the shapes have to be the same shape and size, so 2 congruent shapes will always be similar.

Congruency means that the given 2 figures are exactly same in shape and size. Thus all corresponding angles will also be the same.Similarity of shapes means that the 2 given shapes are same in shape but the measures of corresponding sides may not be the same. Since the shapes are the same, the corresponding angles are also same.If 2 shapes are congruent, they have equal corresponding angles. The equal angles satisfy the condition for the shapes being similar. Hence congruent shapes are similar as well.

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