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well,white men are the ones who would go after the Asian woman and more likely marry them and consider having their kids. white men are sure of themselves that having a family by their Asian wives would be a pat on the back because"they would look more like them" today's society,white men still do not wish to marry black woman and black woman do not beg them to. black people have the freedom from humans. i don't think its racist,I am a black woman and i am not offened at all.

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Q: What do you call Men that prefer Asian women?
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Definitely not! I prefer Asian men over any other race!

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What do Asian women like in bed?

Asian men.

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Every person is different and have different people and things that appeal to them. Some black men may prefer white women, while some prefer black women, some prefer Asian women, etc. It is really just personal preference and not something you can stereotype to one specific group of people.

Do Asian women marry black men?

I don't know what you mean by "large" but Asian men do like white women more then they like Asian women. Take me for example, Im Asian and only attracted to white females. I like Thick or skinny women, if you mean fat, im not really attracted to them but i don't think their ugly either.

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Some do, but not all - - in fact, not even a majority. Some men prefer to be dominated by women. Some men prefer an equal relationship. Some men aren't interested in women at all and want to be with other men.

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men in their thirties prefer anyone who he is atracted to and is willing to be intimate.

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No, they prefer women and not men dressing and living like women.

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I was told by a couple of good Indian friends that most men prefer a lady of good proportions around the waist and hips