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What do you call a baby seal?


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We call baby seals pups.


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A baby seal is called a pup.

A baby Seal is called a Pup

A baby seal is commonly referred to as a pup.

a baby seal is called a pup

a baby harp seal is called a pup

They are called "Seal pups".

It will resemble a small seal.

A baby seal is white in color.

A female seal is a cow.

each baby seal has a unique smell that allows its parents to find it.

I think it is a seal that has pups or a certain type of seal.also some people call baby puppies(dogs)pups.

a baby seal = un bébé phoque un phoque (pronounced un foc)

A baby harp seal is about 2-3 feet tall hopfully taller than you were

The Baby Seal - 1940 was released on: USA: 4 April 1940

Young seal are called pups.

yes the seal knows how to swim at birth

A seal has one baby ( pup ) at a time

24 inches is the average baby seal

They are known as pups

they are called...PUPS!!

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in France you call baby- bebe.

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