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For french, a female wolf is "Une louve", whereas a male is "Un loup" and a baby wolf "Un louveteau".

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Q: What do you call a female wolf in French?
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What would you call a little female wolf in Spanish and French?

both male and female youngs of the wolf are called 'louveteau' in French.

What do you call a female wolf?

A she wolf

What do you call a female wolf that is not a mother?

A she-wolf

What is a female wolf called in French?

A wolf (male) is said "loup", a female wolf is said "louve".

What is a female wolf in French?


What do you call the genders of the wolf?

The noun wolf is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female.The noun for a male wolf is dog.The noun for a female wolf is bitch.

What do you call a female gray wolves?

A she-wolf or a bitch.

How do you call a female elephant in French?

In French, a female elephant is une éléphante.

What do you call a female wolf in Spanish?

female: feminine wolf: matalobos so its called with the pronounciation: una matalobiosa techneachly, feminine is a spanish term for girl, not female

Is a the word wolf feminine or masculine?

In French a male wolf is un loup and the female is une louve (and a wolf-cub is un louveteau)

What do you call the leader of a wolf pack?

the alpha male and alpha female.

How do you call female cow in French?

The French word for cow is 'Vache', and would be used to refer to the female.

Is the wolf in the she wolf music video male or female?

The wolf in the she wolf music video is female and not a male.

What is wolf in French?

In French, wolf = loup

What is female of wolf called?

A female wolf is called a bitch.

Is it le or la loup in french?

'Loup' (wolf) is a masculin noun, so you would use le. 'Louve' (female wolf) is used with la.

What is the difference between a she-wolf and a girl wolf?

A she-wolf is the correct term for a female wolf. A girl wolf is, in short, a girl wolf. If it is an expert reffering to a wolf, it is more likely they will call a younger wolf "a girl" for example; "Three of the pup's are girls, and the last is male. " and "That wolf over there is a she-wolf."

What is the term for a female wolf?

She Wolf

What is the Afrikaans word for a female wolf?

There is no different word for a female wolf. The same word is used for both male and female. wolf (say: volf)

What do you call a female bear in French?

A male bear is 'un ours'. A female bear is 'une ourse.'

How do you call a female wail in french?

gémissement femelle

What is a teenage wolf called?

Yes, I just like to call teen wolves 'juveniles' or 'sub-adults'.

What s the meaning of she wolf?

A female wolf

Does she wolf mean female wolf?


What lives with a female wolf?

A male Wolf