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A litter of goats is called a tower. A young goat is called a kid.

A female kid is called a doeling, and an uncastrated male is called a buckling. When he's castrated, he becomes a wether.

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What do you call a bunch of goats?

A herd of goats(And yes, I've heard of goats.... )

How many lambs do goats have in each litter?

None.Lambs are the offspring of sheep.Goats offspring are known as kidsMost sheep and goats give birth to just a single offspring.Twins do occur at times though.

What do you call a lot of goats?

A lot of goats could be called a 'trip', a 'tribe', a 'drove', or a 'herd'.

Is there goats in the wild?

Yes, I see millions of them here in the hillcountry of texas. We call the mountain goats :)

A group of pups?

it is called a litter call me

What you call a group of puppies?

It is a litter of puppies.

What do you call a goats skin?

A pelt, hide or leather.

Are goats legal pets in Chicago apartments?

I bid no! There are too many old goats there already Call 911.

What do you call several baby goats?

A baby Goat is a kid, so several baby Goats would be a herd of kid's

What do you call goats baby?

a baby goat is called a "kid"

What do you call a girl goat?

Female goats are called, "Jennies".

Do goats always have twins?

No, goats can have singles, twins, triplets-- any manner of multiple births. I personally know of a breeder whose goat had a litter of five kids. The most common number of babies is two, however.

What do you call the goat's meat?

Meat from adult goats is called chevon. Meat from young goats is called cabrito or kid meat.

Where can I get Kitty Litter coupons to use at the supermarket?

You can find coupons for kitty litter in the local paper or online. You can call kitty litter companies to see if you can get discounts by purchasing in bulk.

What do you call a group of puppeis?

Collective noun for puppies - litter

What do you call a female goat?

Female goats are normally known as Nannies or Does

What is the density of kitty litter?

All cat litter does not have the same density. To know the density of the cat litter in question, read the packaging the litter is in to know any information. If you can not find the density, call the customer service number on the package for assistance.

What do you call a male dog in breeding?

Just a dog. No specific name. The male dog in breeding is referred to as the dog. Group of puppies is a litter. Father of the litter is the sire and mother of the litter is the bitch.

What do scientist call litter buried in sanitary landfill?

What do you think will happen to the types of litter and garbage you and your family generate after being buried in sanitary landfills,

What are some types of goats?

billy goats, mountain goats, daily goats, miniature goats

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