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Q: What do you call a mentors student?
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What does Apprentice do?

An apprentice is sort of like a student in Warriors. The apprentices train and they are taught by their teachers, called Mentors.

How much do mentors make?

Mentors do not earn money.

Who was Mae jemison mentors?

Mae jemison mentors were budda, phil, and mark

What communist scholars are President Obama's mentors?

No communist scholars are President Obama's mentors.

Artists need to get frequent advice for their mentors. what is the prepositional phrase in the sentence?

'For their mentors' is the phrase.

The different between good student and bad student?

A student is a pupil. They are not different because if you call someone pupil they will think that you are calling them a student. So if you are going to call someone pupil all ways rember to think of that they are student

Who are the Senior Mentors on WikiAnswers?

The Senior Mentors are the following:Aggie80An8thgBlueClayCrystalDick HarfieldDoditovDr.GooberPlanGrevilleaGandertonGinezumiHooweestikIncaBlueInvigilator-007JadeacresJoycePLazarusLuvhistoryMyrab51MRAPeterc14Skullcandy88SoulcistStupid little geniusXnicolaZandkeyTotal: 26

When was Live at the Whiskey - Mentors album - created?

Live at the Whiskey - Mentors album - was created in 1983.

What do you call a citadel student?


When was Up the Dose - Mentors album - created?

Up the Dose - Mentors album - was created in 1986-12.

What do you call a Yale student?

A student who attends Yale college would be called a student. If a person graduates with a degree, a person may call them a graduate.

Who was Martin Luther King Jr jrs mentors?

Mahatma Gandhi and Benjamin Mays were mentors of the great Martin Luther King.