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A pulsar is a spinning neutron star that appears to give off radio waves

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Q: What do you call a neutron star that emits radio waves?
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Do satellites use electromagnetic waves for communication?

Yes. We call the waves "radio".

What type of waves were made to call ships at sea?

The Radio Telephone. huh who wouldve guessed..

What part of the electromagnetic spectrum has the lowest frequency?

The part that we call "Extremely Low Frequency Radio Waves".

Why neutron is call neutron?

The neutron is called the neutron because it it electrically neutral, hence the neu- prefix

Can radio waves penetrate through walls?

At some time or another, there's probably been an occasion when you listened to your AM radio or made a cellphone call from inside your house, or from your office, or from inside a parking garage. Those would be impossible if the radio waves couldn't get in there.

What atmosphere does the radio waves are bounced back to the earths surface?

The ionosphere bends radio waves . . . most go out into space, but a fair number hit the earth far away, and are reflected back up to the ionosphere. Radio operators call this phenomenon, "The skip".

What do you call a neutral particle that is located in the nucleus?

Neutron. Neutron.

Which type of electromagnetic waves has the longest wavelenght?

Those are the ones we call "radio" waves . . . anything witha wavelength greater than roughly 1 millimeter.

What are the three names that we can call a chemical?

Proton neutron neutron and nucleus

Are radio waves high frequency?

Compared to what ? What do you call "high" .Most radio waves have higher frequencies than most sound waves,and they all have lower frequencies than light waves.We generate and detect radio waves for purposes of communication, cooking, andscientific investigation, in the frequency range of roughly 30 KHz to 300 GHz,corresponding to wavelengths between 10,000 meters and 1 millimeter.

What kind of waves carries radio and television and telephone information?

The ones we call "radio waves". That's the electromagnetic spectrum between maybe roughly speaking 10 KHz to 300 GHz., or wavelengths between 1 mm to 30 km.

What is bigger radio waves or light waves?

One can say that radio waves are a million times bigger than light, but one needs to be a little more specific about what you mean when you say it. When we speak of the size of a wave, we usually refer to its amplitude or wavelength and in this case, wavelength seems to be relevant to the question. Radio waves and light are both electromagnetic waves and the two terms refer to different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Visible light has wavelengths of a few hundred nanometers, although one can expand that region somewhat beyond the visible and still find that the term "light" is used. Radio waves are much longer and generally the spectral region which we call radio is in the ball park of a meter. (It is not uncommon to apply the term radio waves to much longer wavelengths however.) Though there is not one specific measure of "size," radio waves generally have a wavelength of a million times greater that light waves.

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