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A person from Iceland is called an Icelander.

If a person is from Iceland they are Icelandic.

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What do call someone from Iceland?

People from Iceland are Icelandic, so you would call them Icelanders.

What do they call soccer in Iceland?

They call it football.

What are people from Iceland called?

A person from Iceland is Icelandic or an Icelander.

What do you call a grandmother in Iceland?


What do you call the house of Parliament in iceland?


What do you call people living in Iceland?


What do you call people from iceland?

Icelandic people - Icelanders

How do people in Iceland call Christmas?

Jól (Yule).

Why does Iceland have active volcanoes?

because most people call iceland fire and ice because it is over a hotspot

What do they call Santa Claus in iceland?

In Iceland, Santa is called Jólasveinar. In Icelandic folktales, there are 13 Santa Clauses.

Is Iceland a proper noun?

Yes, Iceland is a proper noun, the name of a country. A proper noun is the name of a person, a place (Iceland), a thing, or a title.

What is one famous person who is from Iceland?


Who was the first person on Iceland?

Ingólfur Arnarson

What wars was Iceland in?

I'm not sure if you could call these wars but 'The cod wars' (There were three of them) against Britian, which Iceland won.

What do you call people that live in Iceland?

The people who live in Iceland are called Icelanders by English speakers or oÃslendingar in their own language.

Why do they call Iceland iceland?

Because when some viking came to the country and when he saw the country from his ship there were like ice bergs in the sea by the land. He was the first man to come to Iceland.

Is Iceland a tundra?

Largely, yes. But, again a large portion of Iceland wouldn't be considered "tundra" by a normal person.

What is the average income of a person who lives in Iceland?


What do you call something from Iceland?

Icelandic, as in "Have you ever studied the Icelandic sagas?"

Who was the first person who settled in iceland?

Ingólfur Arnarsson (Viking)

What is the life expectancy of a person form iceland?

98 years

Is Icelandian a proper adjective?

No, Icelandian is an incorrect attempt as creating a proper adjective for Iceland. Icelandic is the correct proper adjective for something from Iceland; Icelander is the correct proper noun for a person from Iceland.

What you call person who fixes light?

What you call person who fixes light

What do the call Santa Claus in Iceland?

Jólsvein or jólasveinar,jólasveinn is like Santa clause but Jólasveinar santa clause's because in iceland there are 13 santa clauses

Did anyone die in the iceland volcano?

Not a single person was injured or killed.