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the polite expression is entomologist

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What is an ant beetle?

An ant beetle is a species of beetle which resembles a large ant, Latin name Thanasimus formicarius.

What is the difference between an ant and a beetle?

a ant live under ground and a beetle as a pinsair

What is an ant expert called?

entomologist < that is a person who studies insects.

What is the difference between a butterfly a beetle and a ant?

its not a ant its AN ant and i dont know

How do you make an ant in Doodle God?

beetle + work = ant

How do you make ant on Doodle God?

you combine beetle + work= ant

What do you call a person who buys and sells bugs?

An ant tick dealer

What are the differences between an ant and a beetle?

Ants have three body a beetle has two.

What is the fastest insects between army ant or cockroach or a stag beetle?

army ant

What insects eat wood?

* Carpenter Ant * * Nest Larder * * Beetle Burrow * * Termite and Ant * * Wisconsin Termite Worker * * Bostrichid Beetle * * Bostrichid Hole * * Carpenter Ant * * Nest Cedar Borer-Firewood * * Old House Borer * * Old Wood Borer * * Holes Powder * * Post Beetle Powder * * Post Beetle 2 Powder * * Post Frass Tanbark Beetle- Firewood * * Termite Powder Post Beetle

How is a beetle an ant and a butterfly different?

they are different sizes

How do you create a beetle in Doodle God?

Work + Ant

How do you make ant in Doodle God?

work + beetle

How do you build a ant on doodle god?


What are examples of an insect?

Beetle, Ant, Ladybug, Misquoto..ect.

What are the differences and similarities between an ant beetle and a butterfly?

they are insects

What are three insects that live in desert?

Spider; Beetle; ant

What lives in a box?

Beetle Ants Woodlouse Fly Flying ant

What is an insect that starts with e?

earthworm,earwig,emmet(ant)elaphant beetle

How are the beetle ant and butterfly similar?

They are both insects which means they have six legs.

What do you call an ant that is smart?

A very smart ant.

What do you call an ant's forefathers?

His ant-sestors

What is the Kannada word for 'ant'?

In Kannada, we call it Eruve.

What do we call an ant in Tamil?

we called ant in tamil as "erumpu"

What is the strongest animal on the earth?

i think its the rhino beetle or maybe some type of ant