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Q: What do you call a spacecraft that is controlled from earth?
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Suppose you are operating a remote controlled spacecraft on Mars from a station here on Earth. How long will it take the craft to respond to your command if Mars is at its nearest point to the Earth?

First you must figure out how close Mars can get to the earth.

If a spacecraft travels from earth to the edge of the solar system what will happen to the gravitational pull between earth and the spacecraft?

The gravitational pull between earth and the spacecraft will become insignificant.

What spacecraft landed on Neptune?

No spacecraft from Earth has ever landed on Neptune.

What spacecraft did John Glenn fly in to orbit the earth?

the Friendship 7 spacecraft

How does gravity affect the launch of spacecraft from earth?

It prevents the spacecraft from being launched as gravity causes it to be attracted towards earth.

Is it true that there is a spacecraft on its way to earth?


What spacecraft studied earth?

a doctorinmay

The radius of the earth is about 6370 km A 7420 N spacecraft travels away from earth What is the weight of the spacecraft at a height 6370 km above Earth's surface?


What year did a spacecraft visited earth?

Every known spacecraft began on earth and went to other places. That's also true of every known drawing, component, fragment, subsystem, and model of spacecraft. Few of them ever returned to earth.

What force makes a spacecraft very hot during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere?

Friction as the spacecraft comes into contact with the earth's atmosphere.

Which spacecraft returned sunitha Williams and iss spacecraft crew to earth?

The Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Did a spacecraft or probe landed on earth?

Only those that originated from the Earth.